Campaigns can be on any issue that students face, and they’re a way to make real and positive change (plus have some fun too!) Campaigns can be around issues that affect student life, and we encourage all students to get involved in some way to make an impact on your student experience. 

Running your own campaign or helping others with theirs could make a real impact on the issues that matter you, and we’ll be there to help you every step of the way. Below you’ll get a snapshot of our key campaigns for the next year: 

Register to Vote

Students have the chance to ensure that they are represented nationally. With the chances of General Election high, its imperative that students are registered to vote in case of a snap election. 


Are we falling behind the pack?

‘First-class’, country leading, ‘state-of-the-art’- how would you describe the sporting facilities at the University of Bath? The university’s struggling to keep up with what is now a basic provision. 3G pitches; most universities have them, even colleges and schools do.

What can you do? Get involved! Get onto Instagram, and tag the @theSUBath and @UniofBath, with the hashtags #PitchPlease #UOB3G

Black History Month

Across The SU and University, we are using this month to start a conversation about race, and celebrate diversity on campus. It's important to recognise the history and culture of Black students, and build a community that supports one another.

Events this month will be open to all students and staff, so come along and join in the conversation.

Prioritise urgently the continuation and development of the NeverOK work


Ensure there is an effective, reliable and affordable bus service for students