Campaigns can be on any issue that students face, and they’re a way to make real and positive change (plus have some fun too!) Campaigns can be around issues that affect student life, and we encourage all students to get involved in some way to make an impact on your student experience. 

Running your own campaign or helping others with theirs could make a real impact on the issues that matter you, and we’ll be there to help you every step of the way. Below you’ll get a snapshot of our key campaigns for the next year: 

Edge changes

The Edge have formally begun consultation on their proposed changes to the operations of their building. This will have a major impact on students and student groups in how they access and use the rooms within The Edge. Some of the proposed changes will mean student groups will be charged to access rooms and to obtain ushers, as well as the removal of the Box Office.

Take action to alleviate current pressures around bus travel between campus and key city zones.

First bus have decided to increase the bus fairs for the start of 2018/19 and have changed the U1 route, no longer stopping at Dorchester Street or the Abbey. We have compiled all you need to know, what we are doing and how you can help us protect our bus services. 

Local Elections

Students have the chance to ensure that they are represented locally. With the local elections happening in May 2019, Bath will be electing its councillors who have a huge impact on student life. Make sure you are registered to vote in the upcoming elections. 

Improving provision and support for student parents and carers

This year, the SU will be looking to ensure that all student parents have the support they need to be successful at the University of Bath. We will be working across the University so that there is enough provision in both professional and academic departments. 

Ensure all current and future doctoral students are provided with appropriate work space

With the rise of students studying on campus, the need to approproate work space for our doctoral students is becoming a hot topic. The SU will be working with the University to ensure all current and future doctoral students are provided with appropriate work space. 

Improve current library study space provision

Library space has, once again, been highlighted as a key issue from students. NSS results and feedback from our Academic Reps have highlighted the need to improve the study space provision supplied by the University. We will be working to ensure that the spaces that currently exist in the Library meet students needs and expectations and we will be continuing the campaign for a Library expansion. 

Make sure doctoral students are safeguarded in their work off campus

Doctoral students research in a wide range of environments. There have been concerns raised with the safeguarding and monitoring protocols that exist to ensure the safety of doctoral students in their research. We will be working to implement and communicate industry standards of safety and appropriate support and monitoring of doctoral students on research leave with whom the University has a duty of care. 

Ensure students' views are clearly evidenced in the Curriculum Transformation process at both departmental and University level

With the Curriculum Transformation project, the role of the student voice is critical. The SU will be working with the University to ensure that the student voice remains a core part of the project and is clearly evidenced throughout the process. 

Ensure the ongoing review of University governance enhances the role of student opinion in decision making processes

In the 2017/18 academic year, students galvanised behind a change in the governance of the University. With a referendum and protests it is clear that students want to be involved within the governance structures of our institution and the SU will be working to ensure that student opinion is enhanced in the ongoing governance review. 

Improve students understanding of where their money is being spent

With student tuition fees being the major contributer of the University's income, students want transparent information on how their money is being spent. The SU will be working to ensure that this information is accessible to the student body. 

Ensure effective and transparent expenditure on new buildings and estates projects

Just as students want to ensure they know where their money is spent, they have raised that they want to ensure their fees are being used effectively. We will be working to ensure that the University is being effective and transparent on new builds and projects as the top capital projects of the institution. 

Remove all unnecessary single use plastics across the University

After the success of the "Leave No Trace" campaign in 2017/18, the SU will be working to push the agenda foward with the removal of all unnecessary single use plastics while still ensuring that their removal will not create inaccessibile spaces.