About Politics and Activism

Politics and Activism is there to organise and mobilise students around a common cause to create change, inform students on political issues and get them more involved in local and national politics. 

Setting up a new P&A group

If there is a P&A group which you feel is missing, it is possible to set up a new one. You will need to find at least 10 students interested in setting up the group and interested in running for election to the committee or lead. Political party groups will need  a constitution and Activism groups need to create an action plan. These should be submitted to as soon as possible in order to meet the dates for the elections and be approved by the P&A General Meeting. 

The constitution or action plan does not need to be a long document. Constitutions should state the group’s aims, membership and officers, along with job roles of those officers. Please use the Constitution Template for guidance. Action plans should map out what the group is planning to do for the year, please use this action plan template