In the policy round of November/December 2016, students voted for a new sub-group to be created to accommodate groups with political and campaigning interests. See the Politics and Activism sub-group Constitution.

Elections for the Executive Committee of the group will take place at the same time as elections for the other sub-group Executive Committees, on our election page. Posts are open to any student and will be for Chair, Treasurer and Publicity Officer.

Elections for committees of individual affiliated groups will take place at the same time as those of the other SU Activity Groups - see this on the elections timetable.

Three groups are affiliated so far, Bath University Conservative Association (BUCA), Bath University Labour Club (BULC), Bath University Liberal Democrats (BULDs), Cut the Rent and The Official Monster Raving Loony Party.  Other groups are invited to submit applications for affiliation.

Membership fees will be £5 and will buy membership of the sub-group, as with Media. Students can then affiliate to any of the associated groups as they wish.

You will need to find at least 10 students interested in setting up the group and interested in running for election to the committee and you will need to provide a constitution. These should be submitted to as soon as possible in order to meet the dates for the elections.

The constitution does not need to be a long document but should state the group’s aims, membership and officers, along with job roles of those officers. Please use the Activity Group Constitution Template for guidance.

Politics and Activism Standard Membership

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