If you want to make a change or influence The SU's stance on something, submit a policy proposal. This goes to an all-student vote and if it passes, change happens!

To submit a policy, please complete the Policy Template and email it to the SU President.

Latest Policy Round

Polling has closed and the results for policy have been established. For policy results to be counted, 5% of students must vote on the policy, called quorum, which stands at 940 votes. In this round, the following were the total votes cast. 

Only one policy met the quorum threshold, 'Cooperative Solutions to Our Bus Nightmare'. The results were as followed:

FOR 823

Therefore the result of this ballot is CARRIED. 

The other policies, with exception of 'SU Support for Staff' and 'Improving Access To The University For Bath Refugees', will be automatically submitted to vote in the next policy round in Semester 2. 

The following policies did not go to student vote, this is because the SU believes it should have policy relating to these matters and will be working with the proposers to refine the policy to be submitted to the Board of Trustees. 

Policy timeline


Wednesday 28 November 12:00

Deadline for policy submissions

Tuesday 4 December 10:00

Officers consider policy submissions

Friday 7 December 12:00

Deadline for amended policies

Friday 7 December - Monday 10 December

Policies published on forum for students to provide feedback and suggestions for amendment

Monday 10 December 14:00

Deadline for any final amendments

Tuesday 11 December 10:00

Final scrutiny by SU Officers (policy proposers must attend)

Wednesday 12 December 13:15

Policy debate

Wednesday 12 December 14:30

Voting opens for submitted policies

Friday 14 December 11:00

Voting closes for submitted policies

Friday 14 December 13:00

Results published