NUS is a confederation of 600 students' unions, amounting to more than 95 per cent of all higher and further education unions in the UK and represents the interests of more than seven million students. NUS is a voluntary membership organisation which aims to make a difference to the lives of students and its member students' unions through a variety of activities.

The University of Bath Students' Union is affiliated to the NUS, which means we pay a fee to join. Decisions about our Students' Union are solely made by University of Bath Students' Union members; NUS supports its member Unions but it does not direct policy or activities within Students’ Unions.

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Conferences and events

Every year, the NUS runs a variety of workshops, training days and conferences, which act as forums to share ideas, discuss and debate issues, and set policy at a national level. Conferences also provide an opportunity to elect representatives to lead the future direction of the NUS. The biggest NUS conference is the National Conference.

Nominations for the 2017/18 NUS Conference Delegates will be held at the start of October, for:

  • National Conference Delegates
  • Black* Students’ Delegates
  • Disabled Students' Delegates
  • International Students' Delegates
  • LGBT+ Students' Delegates
  • Mature Students' Delegates
  • PG Students' Delegates
  • Women Students' Delegates

* Black is used as an inclusive term to represent those from African, Arab, Asian, Caribbean and South American communities

You can find full job descriptions for each role on the resources section of the site.

Previous NUS Conference Delegates

You can read below about last year's Delegates, to get a personal view on why they chose to get involved.

Ellen Edenbrow

National Conference Delegate

My name is Ellen Edenbrow and I'm in final year, studying Sport & Social Sciences. I took on this role now as during my four years at Uni, I have experienced and witnessed SU politics in a range of spectrums, most commonly LGBT+ matters. This year I decided to run to be a national delegate as I've had the experience of two other conferences and believe I am now prepared to not only understand better but to make a bigger difference for Bath Uni students.

Daniel Murillo Antuna

National Conference Delegate

Hi! I’m Daniel, one of this year’s delegates for the NUS National Conference. I’m a third year psychology student and currently the Chair of the International Students’ Association (ISA). I’ve been actively involved in the SU since the first month of my freshers year because I like helping people. It’s my passion and the reason why I wake up every day. I’ve been gradually taking on bigger roles, and now I’m really happy to be able to have national impact.

As a normal student, I know how difficult it is to deal with fees, course quality, university services, mental health, diversity and inclusivity. There are so many barriers that haven’t been taken down yet. As an international student, I know how difficult the label “international” can be, as it implies having even more barriers. I volunteered to be a delegate because I have experienced both worlds. I know how painful the marketisation of our education is. We are not a commodity nor is our education. Moreover, I know how exclusive mental health services can be, especially if you’re an international student. There is still so much to fight for. Universities haven’t mastered how to use their resources effectively yet, and this is what I want to tackle!

Joanna Phillips

National Conference Delegate

Hi I’m Joanna, and I’m a second year politics student. I went to national and LGBT+ conference last year and had a blast so I’m going again this year. My main concerns are making sure that policy passes which will benefit Bath students, putting forward sensible opinions on antisemitism that occupy a middle ground between ‘antisemitism doesn’t exist’ and ‘the NUS is basically the Third Reich’ and to try and get more Bath students engaged in national student politics.

Aya Elghajiji

International Students’ Conference Delegate

My name is Aya Elghajiji and I’m a final year Molecular and Cellular Biology student. I also serve as the 2016/17 Vice Chair of the International Students’ Association (ISA).

My role as the VC of the ISA motivated me to become an International Students’ delegate as I wish to represent the views and opinions of the International Student’s at Bath on a national level. I’m interested in a number of policy areas with specific interest in International Students’ mental health status.

Julie Marange

Women Students’ Conference Delegate

I am Chair of the Gender Equality Group at the University of Bath. I chose to take on this position, as I wanted to liaise with my fellow students on matters that affected our practical lives, and represent their views on national level. It is also a way to guarantee that gender equality becomes more than words on paper.

Hannah Durkin

Disabled Students’ Conference Delegate

My name is Hannah Durkin and I'm a second year psychology student. In my first year I was so grateful to receive disability help from staff and other students at the University of Bath and, for the most part, my experiences have been great. However, I do believe that the University and the NUS could do more to support disabled students, especially those with invisible disabilities.

Adam Kearns

Postgraduate Students’ Conference Delegate @BathSUPG

I am the Postgraduate Officer at Bath SU and previously did a taught masters in the Department of Social and Policy Sciences. I stood as Postgraduate Students’ Conference Delegate because alongside my work on campus I have seen numerous issues on a national level, especially within NUS, which should be changed to help postgrads.

In particular I want to see NUS providing support to SU’s that want a postgraduate officer, an increase in research around issues affecting postgrads, a full-time Postgraduate Officer within the NUS hierarchy, and a national networking event for postgraduate officers.

Joe Dervan

Mature and PT Student Conference Delegate

Hello, my name's Joe and I'm a politics student from Northern Ireland. As a mature student who lives with several other mature students, I'm aware of the unique issues older people undertake when they enroll in higher education. It's for this reason I've chosen to be a delegate, to represent these unique needs at the NUS conference, so I can help my friends, and all the other old biddies enrolled in Bath.

Benefits to members

Alongside the representational, campaigning and advocacy work undertaken by the National Union of Students, the National Union offers benefits to Students Unions and its members alike. Students’ Unions benefit from activities, training and events alongside the opportunities to purchase goods collectively through NUS Services, allowing your Students’ Union to provide competitive prices in the Plug and Tub.

Students who are members of affiliated Students’ Unions  are eligible to buy an NUS extra card

Your library card also displays the NUS logo, allowing you to prove you are a member of the NUS.