Living in Halls puts you right at the heart of University life. Each accommodation building has it's own student community that you will become a part of. Throughout the year there will be lots of activities and events to get involved with. You can even be a Hall Rep or Hall Captain for your building.


Get involved - join your Hall Committee

Make the most of your time in halls by joining your Hall Committee. Each committee will have 1 Hall Rep and 1-4 Hall Captains depending on how many people live there.

As a Hall Rep you will:

  • Represent your hall mates on any accommodation issues.
  • Attend monthly Hall Forums to take student feedback and issues to accommodation and SU staff.
  • Run campaigns to improve the halls experience.
  • Influence change to make life in halls the best it can be.

As a Hall Captain you will:

  • Run community building events and activities
  • Bring your hall mates together and have fun
  • Run interhall competitions and challenge flat groups against eachother
  • Build a strong community to make your time in halls the best it can be.

For more information check out role descriptions here.


How do I become a Hall Rep or Hall Captain? 

Hall Reps - you must stand in an election and be voted in by your neighbours. Don't worry, it's not as scary as it sounds! Just nominate yourself online, write a short manifesto to tell people about yourself and remember to ask your hall mates and flatmates to vote for you. Nominations are open from Monday 28th September - Sunday 4th October at

Hall Captains - you can apply through the online application for below or by submitting a video application to If you are submitting a video make sure you answer all the questions in the main application form. Applications are open until Monday 12th October at 10am. Captains will be selected based on their application so take your time and think about why you would be great in the role.

Apply to be a Hall Captain here

Stand to be a Hall Rep here