Language PAL

Develop your language skills, grow in confidence, and learn about different cultures at Language PAL.

At Language PAL sessions, you can come together with other language learners to practise speaking and listening to languages and learn about their respective cultures. Sessions take place weekly and are led by trained PAL Leaders who are native speakers of the language. 

PAL is a supportive and confidential space to practise your language skills and ask questions you don't want to ask your language teacher. Sessions are informal and fun, allowing attendees to learn and grow in confidence through language games, listening to music, watching clips from films or TV shows or simply having conversations with other language learners. There are also lots of opportunities for you to cover things you’re struggling with as you get to grips with the language.

This PAL scheme is supported by the Languages team and the SU to give language lovers additional practice opportunities. All language learners are welcome, whether you are learning alongside your course, at home or started before university. Sessions are available in:

  • Arabic
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Mandarin Chinese
  • Spanish

What is English PAL?

English PAL is very similar to Language PAL. At these sessions, you can come together with other students to improve your confidence with English and learn about living and studying in the UK. Sessions are facilitated by native English speakers. Find English PAL sessions below.

English PAL sessions

How do I attend a PAL session?

PAL sessions start during Semester 1 and run weekly throughout the rest of Semester 1 and 2. Information about when and where each session takes place will be available here once sessions are confirmed. If you sign up to attend a session we can update you if details change. 

Become a PAL Leader

What does being a PAL Leader involve?

PAL Leaders work in teams to plan and deliver weekly study sessions for students learning a language at University. You can use activities and resources to encourage students to practise using the language and learn about different cultures.

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We are looking for PAL Leaders who are native or near-native speakers of any of the Language PAL langauges above.

Why should I become a PAL Leader?

Being a PAL Leader is a great way to support other students, develop yourself and celebrate your culture. As a PAL Leader, you can…

  • Develop valuable skills that employers look for, including communication and facilitation skills, organisation, teamwork and networking to boost your C.V.
  • Share and celebrate your culture.
  • Build a sense of community by meeting people learning languages.

How do I become a PAL Leader?

In order to become a PAL Leader, you need to complete a short application form demonstrating why you would make a great PAL Leader. We recommend reading the role description and outlining the skills and experiences you have that are relevant to the role. Applications normally open in September and February each year.

Successful candidates are invited to a training session near the start of the semester, where our new PAL Leaders will develop the skills and qualities they need to run effective sessions with support from the Peer Support Team.