Peer Support is all about students supporting other students.

Schemes are student led and are run within particular courses and departments.

The Students' Union provides support for departments where schemes are in place, which includes recruiting and training volunteers.

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Setting up a new scheme

If you are a student at the University or a member of staff wishing to set up peer support scheme please speak contact Annika Theilgaard, Peer Support Coordinator by emailing We are able to support projects with recruitment, training, on-going support and evaluation.

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Annika Theilgaard, Peer Support Coordinator

Annika is responsible for setting up, maintaining and evaluating Peer Mentoring and PAL schemes across the University. She works with key members of staff in academic departments to ensure schemes run successfully. She is responsible for recruiting, training and providing on-going support for Peer Mentors and PAL Leaders.


Laura McLachlan, Peer Support Administrator

Laura provides administrative support for the area. This includes supporting recruitment and training. Laura assists with supporting Peer Mentors and PAL Leaders and can deal with any general inquiry relating to Peer Support.