Our Top Ten this year is a broad and ambitious list but one that we feel very much reflects the needs of the student body at Bath. Should you have any questions, feedback or advice on how we might move forward with any of these issues, please contact us at suofficers@bath.ac.uk.

Top Ten Issues 2022-2023

During the 2022-2023 Academic Year, The SU is calling on the University to:

  • Demonstrably respond with scale and urgency to the climate emergency, and to increase the use of transparent and credible sustainability impact statements in decision-making.
  • Improve campus food and drink provision in line with student feedback, including consideration of affordability, and provision for those with dietary requirements.
  • Develop and commit to a five-year transport strategy to improve provision and find a permanent solution.
  • Review and improve the quality, quantity and consistency of assessment feedback across all departments.
  • Create a three-year costed action plan to address all findings of the Buildings Accessibility Audit (2019) with a ringfenced budget. 
  • Develop robust mechanisms for measuring and reporting the effectiveness of mental health services to ensure students are satisfied with the provision.
  • Develop further support and opportunities for students on non-placement courses to gain workplace experience and skills.
  • Commit to increasing the provision of study space according to student need, including provision for group work and virtual activity.
  • Improve the doctoral student experience by providing tailored support specific to their needs, so that their wellbeing and the quality of research is not adversely affected.
  • In recognition of the cost-of-living crisis, reduce the impact for students by minimising additional course costs and other costs incurred by students within the University’s control.

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