Our Top Ten this year is a broad and ambitious list but one that we feel very much reflects the needs of the student body at Bath. Should you have any questions, feedback or advice on how we might move forward with any of these issues, please contact us at suofficers@bath.ac.uk.

Top Ten Issues 2021-2022

During the 2021-2022 Academic Year, The SU is calling on the University to:

  • Create departmental specific attainment action plans and KPIs that identify meaningful actions and timescales based on interrogation of data and sharing practice.
  • Tackle gaps in support through the Personal Tutor system by increasing capacity for students to meet departmental staff to discuss pastoral and non-academic issues.
  • Invest in the refurbishment of the Sulis Club to enable student use within 18 months.
  • Create a transparent sustainable practice policy and plan; including demonstrating positive steps to divest from companies with poor sustainability practices.
  • Expand preventative mental health provisions to identify early signs of wellbeing issues, in line with Student Minds’ Mental Health Charter.
  • Commit funding to projects which will provide more inclusive spaces on campus.
  • Actively communicate how international student fees are calculated as well as the additional benefits and support available to international students.
  • Create University harm reduction policies around recreational drug use and commit to resourcing activities that support this work.
  • Demonstrate spaces, services and facilities provided on campus are sufficient to the changing profile and needs of our student body in a post-COVID landscape.
  • Introduce mandatory training for all supervisors and review the complaints process to ensure an independent and effective approach.

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