Our Top Ten this year is a broad and ambitious list but one that we feel very much reflects the needs of the student body at Bath. Should you have any questions, feedback or advice on how we might move forward with any of these issues, please contact us at suofficers@bath.ac.uk

The SU is calling on the University to: 

  • Commit to building a floodlit 3G pitch with students as priority users by the start of the 2021/22 academic year 
  • Ensure there is an effective, reliable and affordable bus service for students
  • Prioritise urgently the continuation and development of the NeverOK work 
  • Improve policies and procedures around the pastoral aspects of personal tutoring
  • Ensure that students aren’t financially disadvantaged by the University’s business travel provider 
  • Create a culture where students feel confident to raise supervisory issues 
  • Improve transparency and monitoring of complaints and disciplinary process and procedures to ensure effective support for students involved 
  • Take steps to address student loneliness
  • Involve students effectively and early in key decision making
  • Commit to radical action in its university strategy to combat the climate crisis 


Top Ten Wins from 2018/19

Take action to alleviate current pressures around bus travel between campus and key city zones

  • Campaigned and won the reintroduction of the U1X service and the old bus route
  • Created stronger links with the Bus company and held them to account on provision
  • Lobbied for the creation of a specific feedback email for complaints
  • Raised profile of the issue, brought up at University Council and got the University to inform and get involved in improving provision.

Improving provision and support for student parents and carers

  • Ran a survey of student parents to get their feedback on University provision.
  • Wrote a paper to Council/Senate/Students' Union on student parent and carer issues./
  • Challenged the University on nursery provision and they have still refused to expand the nursery

Ensure all current and future doctoral students are provided with appropriate work space

  • Ran a survey on office space provision to gather student feedback to present to the University
  • Working group in the University now established
  • New Doctoral office space ant IT resources action plan has been created

Improve current library study space provision

  • Power points now provided to all desks
  • Refurbishment to Level one of the Library

Make sure doctoral students are safeguarded in their work off campus

  • Doctoral Health and Saftey group established within the University
  • New procedures and health and safety guidelines established
  • Student representatives have raised this issue with the University at multiple levels, including UDSC

Ensure students' views are clearly evidenced in the Curriculum Transformation process at both departmental and University level

  • Four placement students employed jointly with the University to run student engagement activities throughout the year on Curriculum Transformation
  • Presented findings and student opinion to ULTQC

Ensure the ongoing review of University governance enhances the role of student opinion in decision making processes

  • Helped establish the 'Council Links' programme to get council members to better understand the student experience at Bath
  • Student Officers now sit on top level university committee
  • Raised top priority student experience issues at council such as busses and housing
  • Ongoing work on championing the student voice in the Halpin review

Improve students understanding of where their money is being spent

  • Ran student engagement activities on how they would like to find out how their money is being spent
  • Met with the University on getting Undergraduate fee breakdowns
  • University Digitial team now working on displaying this information to students

Ensure effective and transparent expenditure on new buildings and estates projects

  • Lobbied the University on estates projects and still pushing for greater transparency on processes and procurement
  • Bath Time cover article on estate costs
  • Working Group being developed

Remove all unnecessary single use plastics across the University

ahs (Accommodation and Hospitality Services? have done some amazing work on removing unnecessary single use plastics, with activity such as:

  • Removal of plastic straws, cups, cutlery and disposable sauces
  • Ran a mapping exercise of single use plastics in outlets and accommodation
  • Introduction of reverse vending machines for plastic on campus


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