What is the Top Ten?

The SU Bath’s Top Ten is a list of ten priority issues which we will be working with the University on over the year. This doesn’t mean that the Students’ Union does not work on other issues which arise throughout the year, but instead gives us a clearly defined set of priorities and goals at the beginning of the year to be working towards. The Students’ Union has been nationally recognised for its Top Ten with Officers and staff presenting this feature at a number of conferences.


Where does the Top Ten come from?

The Top Ten comes from lots of different sources of student feedback:

  • Student Execs
  • Councils and General Meetings
  • Forums
  • Topical surveys (such as Be Well, Cost of Living, Housing, Buses)
  • SU Student Life Pulse Survey
  • Trends from the Advice and Support Team
  • Local and national trends from the sector
  • Summit Standpoints
  • Discussions with SUmmit
  • GOATing (Officer Go Out And Talk sessions)
  • External surveys like National Student Survey, Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey, Postgraduate Research Experience Survey

Feedback also comes direct from students talking to your Students’ Union Officers throughout the year. We do all of this to make sure that the Top Ten is reflective of the current issues and needs our students are facing.


What happens once the Top Ten’s been decided?

Once the Top Ten has been decided the Students’ Union Officers work with Students’ Union staff to create an action plan and calendar of actions, breaking down each issue into manageable tasks and timescales.

Students are informed of the year’s Top Ten so that they are aware of what the Students’ Union is working towards during the year ahead.

The Top Ten is also presented to key stakeholders in the University to identify any areas where joint work can be done or where the University can provide support.

The University of Bath allocates a member of the Senior Management Team to each of the ten issues and they meet regularly with officers to update on progress and receive advice and guidance.  

The Senior Management Team must regularly report to the Vice Chancellor and University Council on what the University is doing to respond.

Regular updates of successes and areas for further development are recorded and presented online as well as being reported to the Students’ Union’s Board of Trustees.

The Top Ten are also frequently discussed at Summit, and the Students’ Union Executive Committees throughout the year to ensure that developments are reported back and to gather feedback from students on the work we are doing.

If you have any questions about the Top Ten please contact the Students’ Union Officers suofficers@bath.ac.uk