A committee of student leaders brought together to shape the political direction of The SU.

On this pageSUmmit is pronounced 'Sue-mit'.

  • What is SUmmit?
  • How does SUmmit work?
  • SUmmit member Role Descriptions

What is SUmmit?

SUmmit is an SU committee made up of a range of student leaders and representatives who vote to create Standpoints (SU stances on any given issue) and hold the SU Officers to account.

And in case it wasn't obvious, SUmmit's name has derived from being a summit of SU leaders... hence 'SUmmit'.

SUmmit's Functions

  1. To discuss, agree, and amend proposed Standpoints.
  2. To discuss topical issues related to the student experience.
  3. To receive updates from SU Officers and ask relevant questions regarding Officer work.
  4. To provide insight and direction for the Officer team and other relevant representatives on key issues.
  5. To receive updates from student groups, project teams, or other groups of students on campaigns, projects, and other pieces of work that may be of interest to SUmmit’s members.
  6. Create a network of student leaders and encourage collaboration between areas.

How does SUmmit work?

  • SUmmit is a student-led committee with a chair elected by cross-campus ballot. 
  • The committee will usually meet 5 times per year, although additional votes on single issues or urgent matters may be required outside a meeting.
  • At each meeting, the committee will receive the selection of Standpoint proposals, presented by their proposer(s).
  • The committee will discuss and debate standpoint proposals, including the wording of a standpoint. The final wording will be agreed upon by the Chair based on discussion and agreement with the proposer, this can happen following the meeting if required. 
  • If the members of the SUmmit do not feel they are able to make an informed decision on a controversial subject, they will be able to take further steps, such as: refer an item to a referendum; to call for statements from members of the student community, or instruct the Voice Team to provide a briefing at the following meeting.
  • Once final wording has been agreed, SUmmit committee members will vote on standpoints following the meeting (usually electronically) within 48 hours of the end of the meeting.
  • Any vote SUmmit makes pertaining to the committee’s position on an issue or the election of a Chair will only pass if the following conditions are met:
    • Quoracy must be met (at least 50%+1 of the total SUmmit committee members need to cast a vote).
    • A 'super majority' of the votes cast are in favour (super majority means at least 66%+1).

Read the full SUmmit Terms of Reference

SUmmit Member Role Descriptions

SUmmit is made up of a range of student leaders and representatives. A student becomes a member of SUmmit by either:

  • being elected onto the SUmmit Committee at the beginning of each academic year, via cross-campus ballot,
  • is invited onto the committee due to their existing role in The SU (e.g., Exec member),
  • or, is appointed the Chair by the Nominations Panel.

Any student can stand to be Chair of the committee, a chair is selected by the Nominations Panel. A Vice-Chair will also be selected by offering this opportunity to the members of SUmmit and put to a vote by the members of SUmmit. 

If you wish to apply for the role of Chair of SUmmit or Chair please email with a covering letter expressing your interest and experience relevant to the role in no more than 500 words. Applications are now open and will close Monday 16 October 12:00 noon

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