Diversity & Support Executive Committee 2022/23

The Diversity & Support Executive Committee (D&S Exec) is responsible for supporting, representing, and coordinating the Diversity & Support groups. The committee ensures that students' diversity and support-related concerns are being addressed by the Students' Union and the University - see our Terms of Reference.

The D&S Exec supports the SU Community Officer & The Student Voice Coordinator to flag issues and implement solutions related to Equality Diversity and Inclusion (E,D&I). Members may play a role in student engagement activities relevant to E,D&I should they wish.

Meeting Dates (2022/23) 1E 3.20, (1 East Meeting Room): 

  • Friday 11/11/2022 13:15 - 14:05
  • Monday 12/12/2022 12:15 - 13:05
  • Friday 17/02/2023 12:15 - 13:05
  • Thursday 16/03/2023 13:15 - 14:05
  • Monday 17/04/2023 13:15- 14:05

D&S Exec Members: (2022/23)

The Diversity and Support Exec is comprised of our Diversity & Support Groups, along with further elected positions. These groups are:

Fartun Ali Chair


Kodi McBride

Treasurer km2117@bath.ac.uk
Shourya Gupta Publicity Officer & Race Equality Chair sg2507@bath.ac.uk
Blake Walker Community Officer sucommunity@bath.ac.uk
Charlotte Foster Campaigns Liaison cgf30@bath.ac.uk
Jasmine Wadsworth LGBT+ External Chair jw3526@bath.ac.uk
Jordan Sweeny LGBT+ Internal Chair jlrs20@bath.ac.uk
Flo Nash F&GE Chair fn327@bath.ac.uk
Amber Snary DAG Chair ajs293@bath.ac.uk
Andre Jek Nightline External Co-ordinator aj921@bath.ac.uk
Hannah Bentley Nightline Internal Co-ordinator hib23@bath.ac.uk
Jemima Wickenden Student Minds Chair jkw36@bath.ac.uk
Mahikha Raman NUS Liberation Delegate mrms23@bath.ac.uk
Tyben Lozane EDIC Rep tl937@bath.ac.uk

Role Descriptions:



D&S Exec Meeting Minutes: (2022/23)


Find out more by emailing the Student Voice Team: su-liberation@bath.ac.uk