Any employer will tell you that the activities you get involved in during your time at university are what sets you apart from your peers when it comes to selecting you for interview and ultimately getting your ideal job!

The Students’ Union has a huge variety of programmes to help you develop a range of skills that will give you an edge when you’re applying for a job or placement.

All students who take on a role within the Students’ Union are classed as Student Leaders. So, whether you hold a committee position, are in a representative role, or support other students through approved SU schemes such as Peer Assisted Learning or Peer Mentoring, you are a Student Leader! What are the benefits of taking on a role and becoming a Student Leader?

  • Opportunity to influence change within the Students’ Union
  • Have a positive effect on other students’ experiences at university
  • Develop crucial skills and capabilities graduate employers are looking for, for example:
    •  Communication, teamwork, leadership, adaptability, resilience, coping skills
  • Opportunity to give something back to the student community
  • Positively impact an area that you are passionate about
  • Develop your confidence

 ‘I love every minute of being Chair to this society, expanding it and creating so many new things for our members. I love meeting new members and getting to know them and I love being creative.’ – Student Leader

Student Leader positions are mainly elected roles (exceptions include Student Trainers and Peer Assisted Leaders). Most elections take place during October and March.

The Students’ Union will support you in your role to ensure that you are prepared and feel confident. Students’ Union Officers and staff based within your area will provide 1:1 support and advice; further help is offered through the following programmes:

Student Leader Training

Only available for those classified as a Student Leader. These training courses equip you to effectively and efficiently run your club or activity, identify collaborative ways of working, work in a team, manage finances and adhere to policy.

Skills Training

A generic programme delivered through interactive workshop style training sessions, some of which are run by our trained Student Trainer team, giving you a unique peer-to-peer experience. Upskill yourself, meet new people and learn how to apply your skills in real life scenarios.