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Student Leaders

You are a Student Leader if you hold a committee position, if you are a representative or if you provide support to other students through a Students’ Union approved scheme.

As a Student Leader within the Students’ Union, you are not only in a position to influence change now, but benefit from the expertise available to ensure that positive change occurs for the students who study at Bath in the future.

Following feedback from you, the SU has developed this dedicated hub of resources.

These resources online are in place to support you, alongside the existing packages of training, staff and officer support, and personal development which is available.

The hub should become your first point of call for anything from gaining recognition for the hours you dedicate to volunteers, through to gaining assistance in the administration of your student group.

*Please click on your role, from one of the lists below, to see training suggestions.


Find out more about the awards and accreditation opportunities offered by the Students' Union
More details about this role will be coming soon