The Student Union (SU) is a Charity and in accordance with Charity Law must have a constitution.

Within The SU this is referred to as the Articles of Governance. This is the legal framework that determines how The SU operates.

In accordance with the Education Act 1994, this is reviewed every five years by The SU and University Council.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees are legally responsible for the management and administration of The SU.

They alone reserve the right to exercise ultimate authority over any matter within The SU. 



Committees perform a variety of functions which are delegated to them by the Board of Trustees.

Their terms of reference set out their membership, powers, functions and who they must report to. 


Bye-laws and Regulations

A bye-law is a rule established by the Board of Trustees and approved by University Council to regulate The SU.

Bye-Law 2 - Finance

A regulation is a rule established by the Board of Trustees to control the way that The SU performs a certain function.

Regulation 1 - Sub-groups and Steering Groups of the SU
Regulation 2 - Finance
Regulation 7 - Student Groups

Complaints and Disciplinary Procedure