About The SU

The SU is the body of students at the University of Bath. We believe that when students come together, they can shape the communities they are part of for the better. Through our student leaders and elected representatives, we grow and support communities of students as they provide opportunities for others and change the world around us for the better.

Together we:

  • Promote student interest and welfare
  • Provide support and advice
  • Represent the student community with the University and others
  • Provide social, cultural, sporting and recreational activities.

How we do this is through student-led:

  • Voice – helping students stand up, speak up and make their voice heard
  • Experiences – making friends and memories that last a lifetime
  • Groups - broadening horizons with our communities of students
  • Support – providing advice and support on student life
  • Development - developing the skills students need to lead and change

Our work is overseen by an independent board made up of six elected student officers, two independent students and five external independent trustees. The SU is funded by a grant from the University of Bath, membership income and the commercial revenue that we generate through our range of student spaces and services.