Welcome to the Students' Union Finance Office website, giving you 24 hour access to a huge range of financial information in regards to your student activities.  There are how to's and guides that you can download at the click of a button, meaning you get out-of-hours financial help and advice for the first time! If you would like to speak to one of our staff, please see our our contact details and opening times.

All the information contained on this page can be found in the Finance Training Booklet. Some of the most commonly used documents you may need:

Processing payments

Incoming and Outgoing payments are processed using finance forms. The Following flowcharts can be used to figure out which form you should use.

- Outgoing Payments

- Incoming Payments

Forms can be collected from SU Finance or the Interactive Finance Forms can be used. Bare in mind you will still need to print them and have them signed by the appropriate signatories. 

Example forms

Finance codes

When filling in forms Department Codes and Ledger Codes (GL) will be required:

- Socs (Coming Soon)

- Sports (Coming Soon)

- Socs/Sports Ledger Codes

- Volunteering (Coming Soon)

VAT Information

Please note that this is different for Socs, Sports and Volunteering:

- Societies 

- Sports

- Volunteering (Coming Soon)

Common activities

More information on processing finances for the following:

- Socials

- Equipment for Resale (stash etc)

- Fundraising - Refer to the Fundraising Toolkit for more information

- Sponsorhip

If you have any questions have a look at Frequently Asked Questions, or feel free to ask someone in the office.