External Affiliations

A list of the external organisations to which The SU is affiliated

For the purposes of the Education Act 1994 The SU is required to annually publish a report containing a list of the external organisations to which it is affiliated to along with details of any subscriptions, fees or donations made to those organisations (See subsection 2k of section 22 of the act).

The Education Act 1994 defines affiliations 'to include any form of membership of, or formal association with, an organisation whose purposes are not confined to purposes connected with that establishment' (See subsection 8 of section 22 of the act). In this particular act establishment means the University of Bath.

This webpage serves to fulfil the requirement above of reporting on the affiliated organisations that The SU has chosen to affiliate to. These are listed below in the table.

Organisation Name Subscriptions/fees paid this year Donations made this year
Advice UK £327 £0
British Universities & College Sports (BUCS) £21,707 £0
National Union of Students UK (NUS UK) Membership £30,000 £0
National Union of Students (NUS) Charitable Services LTD £7,500 £0
Federation of Bath Residents Associations (FoBRA) £50 £0

For the purposes of the Education Act 1994:

  • this webpage will serve to meet the requirements of publishing a report on affiliations to the student body (See subsection 2j and 2k of section 22 of the act);
  • a Secure Petition signed by at least 2% of the total Members of The SU may call a referendum in acordance with the procedures set out in the Articles of Governance to decide the question of continued affiliation to a particular organisation (See subsection 2l of section 22 of the act). 

The table above does not include affiliations made by Student Groups as these are paid for from their allocated budgets.