Board of Trustees

The Trustee board is made up of the elected SU Officers, an appointed student trustee and appointed independent external trustees.

Board of Trustees

The SU is a registered charity which exist to achieve a charitable purpose as recorded in the Articles of Governance (See Charitable Objects).

The Board of Trustees are responsible for the overal management and administration of The SU. In practice this means:    

  • adopting, reviewing and amending the policies that govern The SU;
  • adopting a strategy for The SU and monitoring performance against it;   
  • adopting a budget for The SU and monitoring performance against it;
  • approving the Trustees' Annual Report and Audited Accounts for submission to the Charity Commission;
  • approving, monitoring and reviewing projects for The SU;
  • ensuring risks are identified and managed appropiately at all levels of The SU; 
  • ensuring that The SU is legally compliant.

The Board of Trustees delegates responsibility of the day to day management of The SU to the Chief Executive. 

The Board of Trustees is comprised of up to six elected Officers and up to seven Independent Trustees (at least one of whom must be a current student)

The details of the current elected Officers can be found here while the details of the current Independent Trustees can be found below.  

Jordan Kenny - Independent Trustee

Hey. I’m Jordan Kenny, Policy and Projects Manager at the University of Roehampton and Vice-Chair of the Trustee Board at the SU Bath.

At Roehampton, I’m part of the senior team and oversee the development and delivery of our university strategy, implementation of policies and lead on elements of risk, communications, policy, public affairs, equality and diversity and the student experience. I also lead our relationship with the students’ union. Prior to this, I led on all major academic projects at Roehampton.

I’ve also worked for the Olympics and UK Sport in Zambia delivering sport for development and piece programmes and with the International University Sport Federation on the World University Games.

Between 2014 and 2016, I was the SU President at Bath. Which was arguably the best job in the world. Whilst President I secured funding for the Postgraduate Officer, launched our work around sexual violence against women and worked with the UK Government on hate crime policy and talked as much then as you do now. I had also been a FWEM, Chair of a Sport Club and the Sport Exec and managed the Paris Hitchhike.

Why did I want to get involved with The SU Bath

I’m incredibly passionate about the ability the SU Bath has to bring the student community together, to support them to achieve their best regardless of the background and to have a positive impact on the wider community. I wanted to get involved again because as a Trustee, your job is to support the organisation to reflect on what it is doing and work smarter in achieving its objectives and I believe I can help Bath do that.

The SU Bath has a wonderful group of staff and an ever outstanding network of student leaders to draw upon, and the opportunity to be a part of that was too good to pass over.

What I hope to achieve

I’d like our board to be move diverse and for the SU Bath to really work for every single student. I think that most students have an excellent experience, but that some really will not, and that we shouldn’t rest until that changes.

What I like to do outside of work

I’ve just bought a bike and I am very, very slowly chalking up the miles.

Find me onlineYou can find me on Linkedin

Barry Hughes- Independent Trustee

I am delighted to be a part of the trustee board at the SU. I have been the group chief executive of Selwood Housing, a local housing association, for the last 15 years. This has given me a wide-range of experience across all aspects of a business. Selwood is a charity, the same as the SU, so I also have a good understanding of the governance requirements of charities.

Before my current role my background was in finance. I am a qualified accountant and was the finance director of The Evening Standard and Metro newspapers so I bring that specialism to the board.

I also have previous experience as a trustee as I was previously a trustee of Julian House, the Bath based homelessness charity, for nine years, including being chair of the audit committee for some of that time. I am also now a trustee of Team Bath Athletics Club.

Why did I want to get involved with The SU Bath

I have great memories of my time at university (even if it was 30 years ago!) and I think the SU plays a vital role in supporting students to get the most out of their time at university. I hope that with my varied experience I will be able to contribute to the board of trustees and help support the work of the SU.

What I like to do outside of work

I spend most of my spare time with my wife and teenage daughter, we enjoy walking, films and trying a wide variety of food.

If I'm not with my family then you are most likely to find me training at the gym, I have recently competed in my first ever Olympic weightlifting competition. I am hoping to compete in the British and European Masters competitions next year.

I also look after an allotment but most of my crops end up feeding the local slugs, snails and birds rather than ending up in our kitchen!


Alexander Robinson - Independent Trustee

The opportunity for Students to be appointed as Independent Trustees was introduced as part of a process of governance reform, where the SU decided that transparency and accountability to our members is a vitally important aspect to running a successful union. It provides for a unique perspective where a student can influence governance of the organisation, without the possible conflict-of-interest that being employed by it might bring.

As a continuing student, I experience daily the result of our decisions and actions and perhaps provide an insight that other trustees might not have.

In terms of my background, I am an undergraduate student studying Civil and Architectural Engineering and moving into my 3rd year on the course for 2020/21. This year I am working as a placement student at a structural consultancy in Bristol (Wentworth House Partnership), but will be moving back and forth to Bath quite a bit to stay involved with societies and student media.

In student representative roles, I have been a Hall Rep, Academic Rep and Peer Mentor. Perhaps most significant, I have been a member of the Council-Senate-Students’ Union (CSSU) committee, where academic decisions made by University management and departments are challenged with the focus on achieving the best student experience possible.

Why did I want to get involved with The SU Bath

A deep-founded respect for the work of the Sabbatical Officers and Staff, and an interest in the inner-workings of the SU.

Since becoming a trustee I’ve seen a great deal of the behind the scenes work taking place to update governance policies, engage students in new ways and provide both a service which students are satisfied with and a community that they feel connected to.

What I hope to achieve 

I hope to support SU policies which give students confidence in the SU as an organisation that acts in their interests. Students often have low voter-turnouts for their sabbatical officers, and many are removed from decision-making and taking part in their union.

I hope that by supporting policies that encourage transparency, that more people will become involved and take an active role.

What I like to do outside of work

When on campus, you are most likely to find me running a radio show within University Radio Bath or setting up a broadcast for CampusTV (recently having supported the officer election night livestream). I have also sat on the Media Executive Committee for the past year as the Online Officer, responsible for our digital output.

Whilst at home, I have a love of language-learning and enjoy watching German TV series, with my current favourite being the breath-taking ‘DARK’ from Netflix.

If you see me around Campus, please do not hesitate to spark up a conversation, whether that be Student Media, Governance or simply fancy a chat.

Find me online 

Here’s my LinkedIn

Valerie Copenhagen - Independent Trustee

I studied Sociology BSc at Bath 2001-2004 and had an amazing three years. I was heavily involved in the Students Union during my time juggling my studies with being an Academic Rep, student with disability rep, being part of the Raising and Giving (RAG) society where we raised £100,000 in one year, being an international volunteer where I travelled with other students to Romania to volunteer in orphanages for several summers and competing in netball and hockey. I was also a student trainer winning NUS National Student Trainer Programme Awards in 2003.

In my final year I ran for VP Student Activities and Development in the SU elections and was elected which was an incredible experience. I really enjoyed representing students and supporting the many students involved in societies and volunteering. I was heavily involved in launching the first Student Union Bath in Bloom competition.

Since then I have worked in programme and change management within the Charity Sector (over 13 years) and now work as Executive Director at UK Deaf Sport. We are the National Federation for Deaf people in Sport and Physical Activity and work very closely with Sport England to bring our vision of ‘every deaf person active and inspired by sport and physical activity’ alive.

I joined the Board of Trustees in 2019 and sit on the Finance & Audit Committee and offer support to the work being carried out around Diversity and Inclusion.

Why did I want to get involved with The SU Bath?

I had a wonderful time studying at Bath because of the opportunities provided by the Student Union. I saw the opportunity to become an Independent Trustee as a chance to contribute as much time and support to the staff and volunteers to ensure they are equipped and able to support the future generation of students attending the university.

What I hope to achieve?

I hope to bring a strategic approach to the work being carried out and that key priorities and outcomes are achieved. I have a great deal of experience in fundraising which I hope to share with the staff to ensure that income is secured for delivering activities and programmes.

What I like to do outside of work

I am a very driven individual and I am a member of the GB Deaf Tennis team so currently training at home for my next International Competition for Deaf Tennis. I run a Brownie and Guide group and love to bake. I like to read and travel to new places which I hope to do once again when restrictions are lifted.  

Find me online 

Here’s my Linkedin:  Valerie Copenhagen | LinkedIn

Marian McNeir - Independent Trustee

I have the privilege to chair the SU Complaints and Disciplinary Appeals Committee and to work with Officers especially in the Arts and Community Liaison areas. I am a linguist , having studied at London and Heidelberg Universities. I began my career as a teacher at an Inner London Comprehensive school and went through the ranks to become the Modern Languages Inspector for Northamptonshire. Every job hugely challenging but also hugely rewarding with periods of time spent living in France and Germany.

A family move to Bath allowed me to take a teaching post at Bath University , first for German and then gradually for EFL – a world I absolutely love. This took me to Berlin , running the language programmes for a new aerospace collaboration between BMW and Rolls Royce based in the former East Germany. These were heady days and so exciting to be where economic and cultural growth was exploding all around me. My work also took me to Moscow State University and to Tomsk University in Siberia – unforgettable experiences. I will be forever grateful to my Russian colleagues for their warmth and friendship and for allowing me insights into very different cultures – a useful experience to transfer to my work with the SU.

Alongside all this – and being someone who can’t say No! – I got elected to B&NES Council where I represented a Bath ward for 16 years. I became Mayor of Bath and Chairman of the Council and was awarded the MBE by the Queen for "outstanding services to the city of Bath". I feel as though I have travelled a long road, always sustained by my beloved family – in 3 words : challenging, exciting, unpredictable. My advice to young people – calculate the risks but then be open to new adventures!

Why did I get involved with the SU?

I have a huge love for Bath University . I served on the Uni Council for 10 years and was awarded the Chancellor’s Medal for “ Outstanding service to the University of Bath “. I’m a life long member of Court. I seized the opportunity to be an Independent Trustee and continue to work with young people. This is my second term and I couldn’t be more impressed by the ability, the commitment and sheer joie de vivre of each of the SU Presidents and their Teams. It is an honour to support them in whatever way I can and a joy to see them develop a whole range of skills which will stand them in good stead for the rest of their lives.

What do I hope to achieve?

To be a sounding board and hopefully a wise and non judgemental friend and colleague especially in the delicate area of Complaints and Disciplinary Appeals. To share my experience and contacts in the world of Arts and the local community, hopefully in a useful and effective way.
My other interests

I’m a great believer in the healing power of gardens and green spaces and as a qualified garden designer, I usually design two gardens a year -- in 2020 it was a redesign for a disabled access garden and the second was a low maintenance garden for an 84 year old. The Arts – music, theatre, visual arts – are a life line and I was lucky to be a Trustee of the Holburne for 10 years and now of the Victoria Art Gallery as well as being Chair of a Bath Choir. I’m a passionate European and Chair the Bath – Aix Twinning Association.

Kate Aldridge - Independent Trustee

I studied Maths & Physics MSci at Bath 2008-2012 and had an absolutely wonderful four years. I won the Chancellor’s Prize in 2012, having been involved in everything from chairing the juggling & circus skills society, being an International Student Helper, a Student Ambassador, an Academic Rep, and setting up the first peer mentoring scheme.

Since then I’ve worked in management consulting at Deloitte, in innovation and strategy at Premier Inn, and now I work at the England & Wales Cricket Board. My focus there is on how we deliver our ‘purpose’ and the wider positive impact sport can have on society, as well as currently leading our work on equality, diversity, and inclusion.

I joined the Board of Trustees in 2019 and sit on the Finance & Audit and Complaints & Disciplinary Committees. 

Why did I want to get involved with The SU Bath

I had a wonderful time studying at Bath, not least because of all the clubs and societies I was involved in. I want to pay it forward to the next generation of students and ensure that The SU can support them to make the most of their time at university. 

What I hope to achieve

I hope to bring a strategic brain to the table, helping everyone focus on the key outcomes they want to achieve to give the best experience for students. In particular, I’m keen to support The SU to take action on the climate emergency and continue its works to be more inclusive.

What I like to do outside of work

I’m writing this after 10 months of life spent mostly at home, so I don’t really remember...I used to like travelling and visiting new places I hadn’t been before. I currently spend a lot of time with my dog (a gorgeous Newfoundland), playing board games, and doing arts projects like sewing, embroidery and drawing.

Find me online 

Here’s my Linkedin: