Meg Crossman

Community Officer (She/her)

Hi everyone, I'm Meg - your Community Officer for this year! My job is to represent students in a variety of areas, including equality and diversity, mental health, local community, international students, and housing.

I studied my undergraduate degree in psychology at Bath and then studied an MSc in Applied Clinical Psychology which I finished in September. My experience as a student at Bath has been massively shaped by the SU - I first got involved with the SU when I became a Nightline volunteer in my first year. After this, I got more and more engaged, through being a Freshers' Week Events Manager for 2020, getting involved in national representation as an NUS Delegate, and becoming Co-Chair of Nightline.

Generally, the SU has been hugely important to me during my time at university and I'm really passionate about the areas which fall under my remit as Community Officer. As we return to normal in the upcoming year, I'm looking forward to ensuring that all underrepresented groups are advocated for, supported, and empowered. I'm particularly passionate about ensuring mental health provision is inclusive and accessible. I want to ensure that everyone receives adequate, effective support through any difficulties they may be experiencing.

Outside of the SU, I also part-time in autism diagnostic assessments and, when I'm not working, I love running, reading, and knitting (a lockdown hobby which very quickly became my main personality trait).

I think it's so important to talk to different students to hear their experience, so please do reach out if you'd like to chat! I'm super excited to represent and support our student body over this upcoming year and make changes to improve your university experience.