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Alisha Lobo

I am responsible for our volunteer opportunities, housing and halls, peer support, our Diversity and Support groups, international student representation and student welfare. I work closely with Student Services, local residents and BANES Council to represent you.

Manifesto points

Diversity and Support

  • Provide a fund for Widening Participation students to facilitate their participation in the SU.
  • Formalise the relationship between Diversity and Support groups and the Inclusivity Award.
  • Provide support for students who would like to know more about underrepresented groups.

International Students

  • Have an earlier welcome for international students to provide them with specific information related to their experience i.e the healthcare system, visa restrictions, and British culture.
  • Have a careers event for companies willing to sponsor international students.
  • Improve University and SU provision during term breaks i.e. facility opening hours and activities that are on offer.
  • Work with the Education Officer on addressing the placement fee discrepancy between international and home students across departments.
  • Improve financial support available for international students.

Mental Health

  • Improve the feedback system and provide information on the referral systems of the mental health services provided by the University.
  • Improve the awareness of the cultural competency of the Well-Being Advisors in Student Services.
  • Lobby the University to provide multi-lingual counsellors.
  • Provide Mental Health First Aid training for all relevant student groups.


  • Oversee the rollout of the home sharing pilot scheme where students reside with elderly residents for a subsidised rent
  • Lobby the University to provide subsidised University housing for students who face unexpected challenges with their housing during the year.

Local Community

  • Work with the University on creating an engagement strategy with the town, to improve our profile and the work of students.
  • Continue working with the local council to broaden the reach of #NeverOK in town to clubs and bars frequented by students


  • Re-examining external international partnerships to move away from reinforcing harmful stereotypes. i.e voluntourism


  • Work with Welfare and Inclusivity rep and Sport Officer to provide incentives for teams to engage with diverse recruitment strategies.


  • Improve the transparency of the Report and Support Tool and work on bettering information surrounding it.
  • Continue to increase the awareness of #NeverOK across campus and provide bystander training to as many students as possible.

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