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Wed 12 Jun 2024

The one with the goodbye to the officer team

And here, on the second week of June, you’re about to read my last entry as a first...
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Wed 29 May 2024

The one with a trip down the year one memory lane

The day was 12 June 2023. I walked into my first day of handover with wide eyes and the conviction...
Wed 15 May 2024

The one with the double pint by the Lake

And here we are, halfway through May! This first year in office has whizzed by. I will be doing a...
Wed 01 May 2024

The one with the celebrity dancer

One bright spotlight. A four-person judging panel. And here goes the voice of Troy Bolton, and then the music...
Tue 16 Apr 2024

The one with the blue and gold superhero

Hello everyone!    This update is coming to you in the midst of the madness...  Varsity is tomorrow...
Wed 03 Apr 2024

The one with a glimpse across the Atlantic

Hola a todos!  These lines are coming to you from a very sleep-deprived writer. I landed in...
Tue 19 Mar 2024

The one with the secret life of students

Just like that, 2 updates in one week! This definitely doesn’t mean I’m less busy than...
Mon 18 Mar 2024

The one with the whole governance structure (yay!)

Hey everyone!    Coming with another loaded one today...    In the previous blog post, I gave you...
Tue 06 Feb 2024

The one with the scary (but much needed) finance breakdown

Hello lovely students and members of our community.   This blog post is going to be a little different than...
Wed 17 Jan 2024

The one with the frozen lake and the suspicious basement

Happy 2024 everyone!   A LOT has gone on in the short two weeks I’ve been back, but...
Tue 05 Dec 2023

The one with the nice and naughty list

19 days til’ Christmas! And with this, my last blog post of 2023.   The update begins with a...
Thu 23 Nov 2023

The one with the day long photoshoot

33 days til’ Christmas... we’re so close everyone!   You’ll want to be around the...
Tue 14 Nov 2023

The one in the VC's fancy boardroom

With the weather getting colder, I can happily declare that Christmas is coming!    I know there’s...
Mon 30 Oct 2023

The one with the SCORE picture streak

If you’re reading this, you’ve made it halfway through the first semester... Well done!   ...
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Tue 10 Oct 2023

The one with the Presidential bartender

And with October rolling around, I can say I successfully survived Freshers’ Week (though barely).   The rest of...
Mon 02 Oct 2023

The one with all the freshies... and the SU oldies

And the Freshers’ Week madness begins!  This might be a quick update, just because I have been in...
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Thu 14 Sep 2023

The one with all the Sunday Rugby

Hi everyone! Officially less than two weeks before the Fresher Week madness and the new semester... I hope you&rsquo...
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Fri 01 Sep 2023

The one with the Olympic Athletes

Hello everyone, and welcome to the beginning of September update!    September means two things: time to accept it...
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Wed 16 Aug 2023

The one with the 'swipe right' therapy dog

Hello everyone!  Just like that, two more weeks have passed!    This fortnight has been a wild one...
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Fri 04 Aug 2023

The one with the Midsummer update

Hello everyone!  Somehow, it’s already been two weeks since my last update, so here goes the second...