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Wed 26 Aug 2020

Summer Reflection

I write this right before heading home, to Italy, for a week of annual leave. Some quiet before the inevitable...
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Tue 16 Jun 2020

Your Voice Creates Change

As Officers, we frequently ask you guys for your views and input on a range of different topics to help...
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Mon 03 Feb 2020

European SU Study Tour: Baltics & Finland

Today, as I write this, the UK leaves the European Union, but at the start of January, I joined 30...
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Wed 13 Nov 2019

President Update: November 2019

SU Officers past and present can attest to the fact that weeks go by in this job before you realise...
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Wed 06 Nov 2019

Thoughts on the strike…

You may have noticed, that one of the Trade Unions on campus that represents academics and academic-related staff - University...
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Wed 01 May 2019

European Elections - Vote For Your Future!

If you’ve been at all conscious in the past two years, you’ll have heard of a...
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Tue 23 Oct 2018

People's Vote March - 20th October

On Saturday the 20th of October, a coach load of Bath students got up at 6am to travel to London...
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Wed 08 Aug 2018

Glexit - the next chapter!

I’ve had a whirlwind first month or so in this role. From walking into my office on the...
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Wed 28 Feb 2018

Postgraduate Officer Candidate Questions

Scott Nielsen Hi Scott, every year we don’t quite get it right for Postgraduates both Taught and Doctoral...
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Activities Officer Candidate Questions

Kimberley Pickett-McAtackney Hi Kim, With the Volunteer area now sharing an office with societies, do you think the volunteer...
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Education Officer Candidate Questions

Jack Kitchen Hi Jack, being the Education Officer can sometimes be thought of as a bit of a boring role...
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President Candidate Questions

Eve Alcock Hi Eve, do you think with all of your involvement and experience within the SU you will struggle...
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Sport Officer Candidate Questions

Ed Dunkley Hi Ed, you’ve spoken about wanting to get an SU App. We’ve had an...
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Community Officer Candidate Questions

  Alisha Lobo Hi Alisha, do you think your lack of experience within the Diversity & Support groups will be...
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Fri 19 May 2017

Ridiculous rising rents: resilience in the face of rejection

Thursday evening was the University Council meeting at which I presented, on behalf of the University of Bath Students&rsquo...
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Mon 03 Apr 2017

Policy Proposals - A President's Thoughts

So we find ourselves again at that time of year again where it's policy time at the Students...
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Wed 14 Sep 2016

It’s “All change please!” with the buses in Bath

Over the summer, I’ve been meeting with the bus companies to discuss service provision for the coming year and...
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Fri 15 Jul 2016

And so just like that it's four weeks into the Presidency...

The move from Education Officer to President has been, so far, a smooth one. It’s been really useful to...
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Mon 04 Jan 2016

'All I have to look forward to in January is assessments’

Now, I know what you’re thinking… ‘All I have to look forward to in January is assessments.’ It might...
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Tue 22 Dec 2015

Saying something online does not make it fine to discriminate, bully or harass

I don’t want to, at any point, be drawn into a conversation about being scared of Freedom of Speech...
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