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The best way to get in contact with our team is to use one of our shared mailboxes (these are often monitored by more than one person), and will usually enable a quicker response.

For all your queries about becoming or being an Academic Rep or Faculty Rep... Email:        

Contact us if you have any queries about International student representation at     

Email us if you have any queries about postgraduate taught or doctoral student representation at

For any queries about any of the SU's research, the Advisory Panels, or Citizens Assemblies email

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If you have questions about our elections use this email

Use this email if you have any questions about Ideas to Action or SUmmit

The Voice Team

Charlie Slack – Head of Student Voice & Engagement. 

Charlie is responsible for managing the Voice Team and the breadth of work they cover. Charlie provides support to the Students’ Union Officer team and oversees the support for elected officers and representatives. Charlie’s focus is on the role of the Students’ Union in gathering and representing students’ views to both the University and external bodies and organisations, campaigns and policy.


Amy Young – Insight & Engagement Manager. 

Amy oversees our insight work within The SU by managing a variety of research projects, surveys, and other feedback collection activites. Amy conducts analysis of the data collected and looks for trends, which can create the basis for reports and new campaigns. Amy works closely with the SU Officers and other representatives to ensure our work is evidence-driven and that we are listening to students effectively.

Ben Palmer - Change & Inclusion Manager.

The Change & Inclusion Manager is responsible for supporting the Officers with The SU's Equality, Diversity & Inclusion work, international student representation, as well as on democratic and change strucutres. Ben works with the Community Officer and President to further the ED&I agenda at Bath. Ben also oversees SU elections and referenda. His role also provides support for National Representation activities and links to national campaigns, SU Standpoint development and our Ideas to Action processes.


Ryan Lucas - Education Manager.

The Education Manager oversees the academic representation system, alongside student engagement activities and the enhancement of education for all students. Ryan works with the Education and Postgraduate Officers to develop the educational representation areas with The SU and the University as well as working on key issues and projects centered around Education and Student Voice.


Tim Stoneman- Student Voice Co-ordinator (Postgraduate).   

Tim co-ordinates support for the Students’ Union Postgraduate Executives, supporting representational activities for both PGT & PGR students. Tim supports our representation work by gathering postgraduate students' opinion of their student experience, and supports other departments in the Students' Union to align their activities with Postgraduate Students needs.

Callie Edwards - Academic Representation Co-ordinator.

Callie looks after the Academic Rep system, she works with the university to recruit, train and support all the academic reps and course reps across the whole university. On top of this she also supports the faculty reps to represent students at a faculty level. Contact Callie if you need to talk about anything related to Academic reps and helping them represent and collect feedback on academic issues.

Currently Vacant - Student Voice Co-ordinator.

The Student Voice Co-ordiantor works with the Officers to lead on international student representation work, as well as to support the Liberation groups. This role is central in The SU's offer when it comes to faith and cultural events. Watch this space.
Email: (Please get in touch with Ben Palmer, if you have a question relating to this role).