Ideas to Action

Have an idea for change? We would love to hear about it and empower you to prompt action.

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What is 'Ideas to Action'?

You may have an idea for change at the University, local community, or within The SU. Whatever your idea, big or small, we would love to hear about it via our 'Ideas to Action' submission point. Once you have submitted your idea, we will get back to you as soon as possible with some next steps on how to achieve this goal. Your idea could feed into existing projects we are working on or could need a campaign to fight for the change. Either way, we are in the business of empowering students to shape the community they're part of.

Your idea can range in size, ambition, and scope. The only rule is that your idea must aim to improve the student experience at Bath.

  • Think we should have more ketchup in the bar?
  • Believe that the University should implement a new academic policy?
  • Think we need more recycling bins?
  • Do you want more ducks at the lake?

These are the sort of ideas students have come to us with in the past. Now, with our answer to the suggestion box, we are better equipped to listen to your ideas and consider how best we can create change together. At The SU we believe students can and want to shape the community they are part of, and with this new mechanism, we can continue to empower you to shape your (and others’) experience at Bath.

Some ideas we may be able to implement very easily, some may feed into existing work, and others may lead to creating a campaign plan. Regardless, whatever the idea, we will get back to you with some next steps to help move it forward.

What is the Process?

  1. You submit an Idea
  2. The idea is processed by us within 20 working days
  3. The idea will be assigned a lead Officer or staff member
  4. We will get back to you with the proposed next steps, which could range from:
    • The idea is taken to other SU committee or leaders for action or discussion (for ideas that need to be picked up by the relevant area in The SU).
    • SU supports the creation of a campaign plan (for issues that need a campaign or lobbying effort).
    • The idea feeds into an existing piece of work (for ideas that align with project work already being undertaken by The SU).
    • SU implements idea (for ideas that are easy for us just to do instantly).
    • The idea becomes a Standpoint proposal for discussion at SUmmit (for political issues that need a stance).

Submit an idea