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Have an idea for change? We would love to hear about it and empower you to prompt action.

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What is 'Ideas to Action'?

You may have an idea for change at the University, local community, or within The SU. Whatever your idea, big or small, we would love to hear about it via our 'Ideas to Action' submission point. Once you have submitted your idea, we will get back to you as soon as possible with some next steps on how to achieve this goal. Your idea can range in size, ambition, and scope. The only rule is that your idea must aim to improve the student experience at Bath.

What is the Process?The next steps can vary:

  • The idea is taken to other SU committee or leaders for action or discussion (for ideas that need to be picked up by the relevant area in The SU).
  • SU supports the creation of a campaign plan (for issues that need a campaign or lobbying effort).
  • The idea feeds into an existing piece of work (for ideas that align with project work already being undertaken by The SU).
  • SU implements idea (for ideas that are easy for us just to do instantly).
  • The idea becomes a Standpoint proposal for discussion at SUmmit (for political issues that need a stance).

Common Topics

We get ideas from students about all sorts of things, from improving food and facilities, to transport, sustainability and more. Take a look at the breakdown of ideas we received between 2021 and 2023:

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