Join your Hall Committee

Represent your hall mates and run events to build your community in halls

Get involved - join your Hall Committee

Have the best time in halls by joining your Hall Committee. Each committee will have between up to 3-4 Hall Events Leaders and 2 Hall Reps.

As a Hall Events Leader you will:

  • Run events and socials for the residents of your hall, funded by the SU.
  • Run at least 1 event per semester to bring your community together.
  • Organise teams for the Inter-halls sports tournaments.
  • Work with Hall Reps to represent the halls community.

As a Hall Rep you will:

  • Represent your hall mates on any accommodation issues.
  • Attend monthly Hall Forums to take student feedback and issues to accommodation and SU staff.
  • Work with Hall Event Leaders on community building events.

For more information check out the role description.

How do I become a Hall Rep? 

You must stand in an election and be voted in by your hall mates. Don't worry, it's not as scary as it sounds! Just nominate yourself online, write a short manifesto to tell people about yourself and remember to ask your hall mates and flatmates to vote for you. By-election nominations are open from Tuesday 18 October - Friday 21 October at

Nominate yourself in Hall Rep elections

How do I become a Hall Event Leader? 

You will need to submit an application. The applications are open from 28 September until Monday 24 October. Please answer the questions on the application form which will be available from Wednesday 28 September. Don’t like writing forms? You can send in a video application instead. Just make sure you answer the same questions. Event Leaders will be selected based on application only (no interview).

Apply to be a Hall Event Leader

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