Bath University Boat Club welcomes all students to the club. Whether you have never been in a boat before or have a high level of experience, there is a place for you at CrewBath.

CrewBath is comprised of Novice and Senior squads for both Men and Women, made up of both heavy and lightweight rowers. Training includes a mixture of land- and water-based training sessions. Land training takes place at the Sports Training Village and Water training takes place on the River Avon at Minerva Bath Rowing Club.

Over the last few years, CrewBath has been extremely successful including: 

-    9 medals at BUCS Regatta 2023 (x5 gold, x2 silver and x2 bronze)
-    3 Henley Royal Regatta Qualifications 2023
-    Henley Women’s Regatta Finalists 2023
-    6 medals at Home International Regatta (x5 gold and x3 silver) in crews with CrewBath athletes 
-    Regular international representation from CrewBath athletes

Reasons to Join us:
-    Meet lifelong friends, with a great team spirit and supportive ethos.
-    A wide range of socials, including pubs, clubs, squad dinners & club dinners.
-    Get fit, with the opportunity to compete for the university, and beyond!
-    Provision of training and support for a wide range of abilities and commitments.
Cost of Rowing

Rowing is an expensive sport and therefore we provide cost information upfront for what is required to be paid.

As a novice, you are expected to pay SU memberships (£30) as well as the rowing membership (£10) and the BUCS fee (£65) if you compete at BUCS competitions, alongside other potential competitions you may do. You may also need to pay for accommodation and transport on top, as some competitions require overnight stays.

As a senior, you will be expected to pay the SU membership, rowing membership, BUCS fee and the Senior fee (£100) which covers the cost of coaching and insurance. Furthermore, we do a standing order where £40 (or £20 for coxes) will be taken out as a direct debit each month to pay for various competitions. Please note, that if you do not do all the competitions, you will get your money back at the end of the year.

Get in Touch
If you are interested in rowing and coxing with us at CrewBath, please contact one of our captains.
If you have never rowed before, please contact our Novice Captains Niamh ( and Dylan (
If you have rowed before, please contact our Senior Captains Harry ( and Ikmun (
If you have coxing experience, please contact our Coxing Captain Emma (
Don't forget to follow our Instagram page @crewbath_

Our Committee


Coxing Captain

Equipment & Safety Secretary

Marketing & Recruitment Officer

Novice Captain

Social Secretary


Vice Chair

Welfare and Inclusivity Officer / Senior Men's Captain

Welfare and Inclusivity Officer / Senior Women's Captain