CrewBath have been deliberating over the past few months on how we can be a more inclusive sports club. We aknowledge that British Rowing is a predominately white sport and we hope we can change this for the better and for the future. With help from the SU and British Rowing we aim to be better.

We aim to have a discussion with our current and new members on how to be more inclusive in the club no matter their ethnicities, religion or disability. We aim to have a more open policy, allowing anyone who may feel excluded to be able to freely communicate with our Inclusivity Captains.

Inclusivity is one of our main aims throughout this year.

If you feel excluded in anyway, please feel free to talk to our Inclusivity Captains Sophia and Ben, who are always open for any instances. 

We need to change, and we will. 


If you would like to read more about this, read British Rowing's Inclusivity Guide.