Run to be an SU Officer

Being an SU Officer can be one of the most valuable, memorable and rewarding experiences of your life. It’s a chance to represent the voices of our community, lead the way for positive change, and impact the University experience of over 20,000 students. Whilst sitting on the Board of Trustees, you’ll also get invaluable experience of running a multi-million pound charity, something not everyone can put on their CV! Be the change you want to see, and run to be an SU Officer.

Why Become an Officer?

"Being an Officer is different to any other graduate job you can find. You get to engage, work with, and lobby senior staff in the University and get opportunities to actively shape the lives of students."

Kimberley Pickett-Mcatackney, Activities Officer 2018/19
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Top 10 reasons to be an Officer

Video: Top 10 reasons to be a SU Officer

Not for you?

Do you have a friend who would make a great SU Officer?

Recommend a friend

Recommend a Friend

Recommend a friend is now closed. Nominations close on Monday 20 February 2023 at mid-day, if you think a friend would make an excellent SU Officer tell them and encourage them to submit a nomination.

Register Your Interest

Register your interest is now closed. You can still submit a full nomination and put yourself forward until the nominations deadline.
Nominate yourself

How to Stand

1. Check your eligibilty

Any registered student may stand for a role.

2. Nominate yourself

3. Complete the candidate form

4. Await further information from our elections team - you will have to attend a candidates meeting on the week commencing 20 February.

Nominations Checklist

Have you completed everything? (Nominations Close 20 February 2023)

  • Nominate Yourself
    • This includes uploading a picture of yourself and sharing a 500 word personal statement or 'manifesto'.
  • Complete the Candidate Form
    Give us information about you and your campaign, including a 200 word 'About me' section and your top 4 priorities.

Find out more & training opportunities

Want to run for SU Officer but not really sure where to start? Want to make sure you run a great campaign? We can give you the inside scoop with a variety of training, appointments and drop in sessions. 

Opportunities for prospective candidates

Election Rules & Process

There are a set of rules that must be followed while running in an election. If you have any questions or queries, please email

Returning Officer:
Charlie Slack, Interim Deputy Chief Exec
Deputy Returning Officer:
Amy Young Insight & Engagement Manager (and Interim Head of Student Voice & Engagement), Ryan Lucas Education Manager (and Interim Head of Student Voice & Engagement)
External Appeals Officer:
Caroline Dangerfield, Bath Spa SU
Student Chair of Democratic Procedures Team:
Peter Irvine