Notice of Referendum

The SU Trustee Board have agreed to hold a referendum on whether The SU Bath should be affiliated to the National Union of Students UK (NUS UK)

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Policy Proposals

What is a referendum?

A referendum is a direct vote in which an entire electorate is invited to decide upon a particular issue.

In this case the "entire electorate" is all members of the University of Bath Students' Union, i.e. all registered students at the University of Bath who have not "opted out" of Students' Union membership may vote in this referendum.

In accordance with our constitution, (Bye-law 5, Referendum) to determine the outcome of this referendum:

  • a quorum of 5% of Members is required to validate the referendum; and
  • a simple majority of those voting is required.

Governance Referendum

Every five years The SU must review its Articles of Governance and submit them to student vote through a referendum. The SU over the last year has been working hard to compile a new set of governing documents. 

Previous referendum results


UCU Strike ActionDec 2019

Should The SU support the strike action called by the UCU between the dates of Thursday 20 February to Friday 13 March?

Total Vote: 3,013
Votes FOR: 920
Votes AGAINST: 1,952
Abstentions: 141

This motion was NOT carried

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University governanceNov 2017

I have no confidence in the University and Governance in relation to Council and Remuneration Committee

Total Vote: 2748
Votes FOR: 2371 (86.3%)
Votes AGAINST: 151 (5.5%)
Abstentions: 226

This motion was CARRIED

University leadershipNov 2017

I have no confidence in the Vice-Chancellor

This result was not published as the referendum question was stopped half way through voting due to the Vice-Chancellor resigning. 

Bath decides - In or Out? EU ReferendumApril 2016

Do you think that the University of Bath Students' Union should:

  • Campaign to leave the European Union
  • Campaign to remain in the European Union

Total Votes: 1668
Remain: 1474 (88.4%)
Leave: 194 (11.6%)

The motion was passed with the SU campaigning to remain in the European Union. 

NUS ReferendumApril 2013

Should the University of Bath Students' Union continue to be affiliated to the National Union of Students (NUS)?

Total votes: 1217
Votes FOR: 824
Votes AGAINST: 363
Abstentions: 30

This motion was CARRIED, and The SU remained affiliated to NUS.