Academic Reps

Reps ensure that student concerns, views and opinions are heard and acted upon by the University and the Students' Union. By consulting students about their teaching and learning experience and taking these views to the University, Reps ensure that good things get emulated in other courses/departments/schools and the bad things get changed. This means that Reps:

  • Find out if students in their department have any concerns or issues relating to their course or student experience at Bath
  • Relay these issues to the University’s academic departments, senior management, and Students’ Union and make suggestions for change;
  • Relay the outcome of any meetings with the University or Students Union back to the students they represent.

By doing this, Reps play a key part in reviewing and improving the student experience at Bath.

Find out more about how to become an Academic Rep on our elections page.

You can find out who your Academic Reps are and their contact details on your departmental pages.


Departmental Reps


What are Departmental Representatives?

Departmental Reps are elected by Academic Reps in their department to gather the wider views of the student population through liaising with Academic Reps. They attend Department Learning, Teaching and Quality Committee meetings (DLTQCs) where items such as unit changes, new programmes and academic policies are discussed, attend briefings and debriefing sessions organised by the Students' Union, in order to close the feedback loop and other opportunities.

How do I become a Departmental Rep?

  • There are 2 Reps per department, one Undergraduate student and one Postgraduate student, and they are elected at the first SSLC of Semester 1. 
  • Once you become a Departmental Rep, you will be able to access an online training unit designed by the Students' Union.
  • Departmental Reps are supported by the Academic Representation team, and you can book in an introductory meeting as soon as you are elected.
You can find contact details for your Departmental Reps on your departmental pages.


Faculty Reps


What are Faculty Representatives?

  • Faculty Representatives are elected by students from within the Faculty/School to gather the wider views of the student population through liaising with Academic Representatives.  
  • Faculty Reps form the Academic Executive Committee, along with the SU Education Officer and UG and PG Senate Representatives.
  • Faculty Reps run academic campaigns on issues important to you!
  • Faculty Representatives are also members of a number of Faculty/School level committees as student members to provide the student voice at a Faculty level.  These committees include, Faculty/School Boards of Studies, Faculty/School Learning, Teaching and Quality Committees, Faculty/School Research Students’ Committees and Faculty Graduate School Committees.

How can I become a Faculty Representative?

Any student interested in being a Faculty Representative will need to enter into the online election process.  For undergraduate students, the elections run in the spring.  Postgraduate Faculty Representative elections run in the autumn.  This is to ensure that student representation on Faculty/School level committees can take place all the way through the year, as some committees meet in the first couple of weeks.  

Any student may stand to be a Faculty Representative.  Each Faculty (and the School of Management) has four electable positions for Faculty Representatives, two for undergraduate students, one for postgraduate taught students and one for postgraduate research students.

Find out more about how to become a Faculty Rep on our elections page.

You can find contact details for your Faculty Reps on your departmental pages.


Senate Rep

Senate Reps are elected by students to represent students at the university's highest committee for directing and regulating academic work. This role also sits on Academic Rep and works with the Faculty Reps in receiving feedback. Find out more about the Senate Rep role