Academic Executive


Your Academic Exec is elected by all students. These guys represent you at a faculty/school and University level. They are extremely influential in bringing about change in the academic environment and super committed to ensuring the best for all students in their faculty/school.

Academic Executive is made up of the Faculty Representatives, the Senate Representative and the Education and Postgraduate Officers and is supported by staff from the academic representation team.

The Academic Executive meet regularly and discuss issues raised by students at Academic Council, SSLC meetings and at faculty committees.

Exec Members

Doctoral Faculty Rep Engineering & Design

Doctoral Faculty Rep Humanities and Social Sciences

Doctoral Faculty Rep Management

Doctoral Faculty Rep Science

Postgraduate Taught Faculty Rep Engineering & Design

Postgraduate Taught Faculty Rep Humanities and Social Sciences

Postgraduate Taught Faculty Rep Management

Postgraduate Taught Faculty Rep Science

Undergraduate Faculty Rep Engineering & Design

Undergraduate Faculty Rep Humanities and Social Sciences

Undergraduate Faculty Rep Management

Undergraduate Faculty Rep Science