Academic Reps should be the first call whenever you have feedback on your academic experience. This incredible team is elected by their community to represent their cohort and it is their role to actively listen to your feedback and concerns and work with your course teams and The SU to make changes in your best interests. And they are pretty good at it too!

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Who is my Faculty Representative?

Faculty Representatives are elected by students in their faculty/school. Each Faculty/School will have two undergraduate, one postgraduate taught, and one doctoral representative.

You may want to contact your Faculty Rep if you are struggling to get your feedback heard by your Academic Rep. Your Faculty Rep will make sure that your feedback is heard in the right place as well as inform the SU team of the issue.

Who is the Senate Representative?

The Senate Representative is elected by students to represent their voices on the Senate committee. The Senate is responsible for directing and regulating the academic work of the University and is seen as the highest-level committee at Bath.

This representative is also the chair of the SU's Academic Exec and liaises with the Faculty Representatives as well as the Postgraduate and Education Officers on academic issues as appropriate.

Your Senate Representative is: Titus Hiller