Welcome to where we keep all our resources for Staff! We’ve pulled together everything we can think of to try and make your job of supporting the Rep system as easy as possible.

What for the academic representation structure look like?

The Academic Representation system is a simple hierarchy system that allows student feedback to be fed up to SU Officers if needed.  Feedback will be given to staff in key meetings they attend. Visit this page to find out more.

How are The Reps recognised and rewarded by the SU for their hard work?

Each month we pick a Rep of the Month who has been doing amazing things to make a positive impact on the student experience at the University of Bath. Both students and staff members can nominate a Rep whom they think deserves to win. Visit this page to find out more.

Where can I find promotional material to recruit Reps during the election?

The Academic Reps are democratically elected by the student body in Spring and Autumn. As a staff member, you are responsible for the in-class promotion of these roles to ensure you have candidates. We provide promotional material and informative resources for you to do this. Visit this page to find out more.

What are the Education Awards?

The Education Awards are an opportunity to recognise and reward the outstanding contribution that students and staff make towards the rich education community at The University of Bath. It is a collaborative event between ourselves and the University. Visit this page to find out more.

What are SSLCs?

Staff-Student Liaison Committee (SSLC) meetings are attended by Academic Reps. We ask every department for the dates for the upcoming year so they can be listed on our website.Visit this page to see upcoming dates.

What is the QA48?

The Quality Assurance Code of Practice (QA48) sets out the principles on which the partnership between ourselves and the University jointly supports, facilitates, and encourages student engagement in all aspects of quality enhancement and assurance to further improve the student learning experience. Read the full document here.

What training do the Reps get?

We have compulsory training that the reps are required to do. Find out more about the training here.

I have a student who wants to be a Rep but the elections have finished. What do I do?

The QA48 states (point 4.6) that a by-election should normally be held to fill vacant posts, the method of which is determined by the Doctoral College and the individual Faculties/the School/departments. The use of the online election process is strongly recommended.

If after the by-election a post remains unfilled, we will accept the students interested in the role by approving the co-option with our Education Officer or Postgraduate Officer. The Officers act as Returning Officers for elections and have the final say on decisions; we cannot guarantee the co-option will be approved. This is done by emailing arc@bath.ac.uk with the name of the student interested as well as the exact vacant role they would like to fill.

A Rep has told me they no longer want to be a Rep. What is the process for this?

If a student would like to step down from their role as an Academic Rep, either you or the student must email to inform us so we can remove them from our records and email lists. Once they are removed the vacant role can be filled by following the co-option process detailed above.

We have a Rep, however, they are not engaging in their role. What can I do?

We understand that sometimes students can disengage from their roles. This could be for a number of reasons so in the first instance we suggest you check in on the well-being of the Academic Rep in question. We can offer additional support if needed such as a 1:1 to resolve any issue they may be having regarding the position.

If there is a continual issue of not fulfilling their duties and responsibilities, please contact us with their name so we can discuss their ability to complete the role.

Our Academic Rep Agreement, which all Reps must sign, details the parameters of their role and the code of conduct they must follow. You can view this agreement here.

Not found what you were looking for? Email one of the Academic Representation Team:

Education Manager // Ryan Lucas rml48@bath.ac.uk

Student Voice Coordinator (Academic Representation) //  Georgina Newham gn415@bath.ac.uk