Here should be everything you need to help support you in electing Academic Reps and other roles.

Resources and Tips for Elections

Digital Screens

Download the below PowerPoint to make any changes.

PowerPoint Version of Digital Screens


Nomination Digital Screen

Voting Digital Screen


Nomination Digital Screen Doctoral

Voting Digital Screen


Download the below PowerPoint to make any changes.

PowerPoint Version of Posters


Nomination Poster

Voting Poster


Nomination Poster

Voting Poster

Email Templates & Signatures

The best practice for promotional emails is to CC into them. This way we can see how you are promoting the role and students know where they can send any queries. Here are some examples of emails that you can use:


Email Signatures - how to add an elections banner to your e-sig

Powerpoint presentations

Role Descriptors

More information about Academic Reps can be found on our "Types of Academic Reps" page - this page is also ideal for linking students to a simple overview of the academic rep system.

The links below will open up a PDF in the new tab of each role descriptor you can then download the file from the viewer.

Promotional & How to Videos

Why you should be an Academic Rep- Shuchi (HSS)-

Why you should be an Academic Rep- Diprati (Science)-

Why you should be an Academic Rep- Taghried (Doctoral)- TBC 

How to Nominate Yourself in an Election- 

How to Vote in an Election- TBC

Election Tips

Promoting the importance of Academic Reps to your cohort is key to getting nominations, if students see reps as powerful and respected, they will be motivated to want to take up these positions.

We have created a number of resources to help support you in the promotion of the elections, such as PowerPoint presentations, email signature banners, promotional email templates, and more on the SU Staff Hub.

Expected Practice
  • Relevant Academic Staff members emailing cohorts to promote nominations being open, hopefully including references to impacts academic reps have made within the department to show their importance. 
Best Practice
  • Giving a talk in a lecture about the importance of Academic Reps to promote sign-ups
  • Collaborating with current Academic Reps to help promote the elections
Excellent Practice
  • Creating your own resources to promote the elections - e.g. videos, posters, articles/blogs 

Have trouble getting students to nominate themselves?

Sometimes departments struggle with getting students to nominate themselves to run to be Academic Reps. This can be due to a number of different reasons. 

Make sure that you have tried some of the suggestions above, it's key to make sure that you are explaining the value of the Academic Reps to the department and their cohort in those comms so check you have expressed this enough!

The SU can also offer support. Sometimes we find a bit of a push from an Officer can make all the difference in getting students to come forward. If you'd like to organise an officer to talk to your students contact us with dates and times that would be useful for you and we will see what we can do! 

Election Dates 


Spring By-Elections 2023

  • Nominations open: Wednesday 29th March 5 PM
  • Nominations close: Tuesday 4th April 12 PM (midday)
  • Voting opens: Wednesday 12th April 12 PM (midday)
  • Voting closes: Tuesday 18th April 12 PM (midday)

Autumn Elections 2023

Dates TBC

Election Timetable

Week Commencing Bath Academic Calendar University Week Number Academic Reps Calendar
Elections, Meetings, Socials
27-Mar-23   26

Spring By-Elections Nominations (Wed 29th Mar 5PM - Tues 4th Apr 12PM Midday)

Spring By-Elections Voting (Wed 12th Apr 12PM Midday - Tues 18th Apr Midday)

03-Apr-23 Easter Break 27
10-Apr-23 28
17-Apr-23 Semester 2 29
24-Apr-23 30


01-May-23 31 Academic Rep Handover - Starting on 3rd May and ending on 22nd May


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Contact the Academic Representation Team:

Education Manager // Ryan Lucas

Student Voice Coordinator (Academic Representation) // Georgina Newham