Each month we pick a Rep of the Month who has been doing amazing things to positively impact the student experience at the University of Bath! 

Winners receive a Rep of the Month mug, a certificate, and a LinkedIn recommendation to show potential employers the skills and excellence they have displayed as a Rep.

What do we look for when picking Rep of the Month?

To be eligible to be awarded Rep of the Month we are looking for examples of how a rep has positively impacted the student experience of students at the University of Bath.

Perhaps they have worked on resolving a particularly tough student issue that involved lots of negotiation or collecting persuasive data. Maybe they've done more and kickstarted a whole project within their department.

How is Rep of the Month chosen?

Once a month, the Education and the Postgraduate Officers review the nominations and pick three winners: one Undergraduate Academic Rep, one Postgraduate Taught Academic Rep, and one Doctoral Rep. The decision is based on the stated reason they have been nominated. The deadline for submissions each month is 20th. Any submissions after this date will be considered for next month's winners.

Who can nominate someone to be Rep of the Month?

You can nominate yourself or someone else, we don’t mind where it comes from. It could be a staff member, a friend, or someone who has been impacted by the work of a Rep. We want to recognise the great effort of our reps. So if you think you have achieved something great, don’t wait for someone to nominate you, do it yourself!

Do you know any reps who have gone above and beyond to improve the student experience? Or is it you? Nominate yourself or someone else now, it only takes a few minutes!

     Rep Hall of Fame 23-24