Senate Representatives

What is Senate?

Senate is responsible for directing and regulating the academic work of the University as is seen as the highest level committee discussing these issues within the University of Bath and meets five times during the academic year.  Senate is chaired by the Vice Chancellor and its membership is made up of the Pro Vice Chancellors, Deans of Faculty/School of Management, with a number of elected academic staff members.  There are also four student representatives who are part of the membership, SU President, SU Education Officer, and one elected student.

What are Senate Representatives?

Senate Representatives are elected by students to represent students at this committee.  Senate Representatives are also members of  the student Academic Executive Committee and liaise with the Faculty Representatives and the Students’ Union Officers on academic issues as appropriate. 

Who is your Senate Representative for 2016-17?

Charlotte Russell (cr424)

About Senate Representatives:

Role Description:

Senate Rep role description

For more information about the role contact the Education Officer

How can I become a Senate Representative?

A student interested in being a Senate Representative will need to enter into the online election process in weeks 1 & 2.  To see which elections are currently open visit our elections page to find out more.

Any student may stand to be a Senate Representative.

What training would I get?

The Senate Rep will get training alonside the Faculty Reps via a Moodle course and face to facesessions. The Senate Rep will get briefings and debriefings before and after each Senate to go through the papers, explain what they mean, and talk through the issues.