Did you miss us at Freshers' Fair?

Bath Time is the University of Bath's student magazine, where we write and rant about local news, students issues and all things pop-culture! During Freshers' Week, we provide daily coverage of events with a sprinkle of scandal, bad puns and crass summaries. As for the remainder of the year, the team works together to publish some top-quality journalism, focusing on investigative projects at a local and national level. We are also always on the look out for contributors to cover the best places to cure a hangover, which Fresh flapjack our readers should buy and all things Bath city related.

Copies of Bath Time are available across campus and new issues are published every month!

Visit our website for all the latest student and Bath-related news: unibathtime.co.uk

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Anyone interested in writing, editing, photography, (or anything else!) is welcome to come along and chat to us. We work (and live) in 1E 3.12 and always have a biscuit (or two) on offer!

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Who are we?

Darcey Stickley, Editor in Chief
Degree: Spanish & Politics
Year: Final

Darcey is a final year Spanish & Politics student, so get her talking about either of those things and you’ll never escape. Originally from Cambridge, she has a thing for pretty cities and the secrets they hold. As EIC, not only is she power hungry, she’s also a stickler for spelling and often labelled a ‘walking thesaurus’, so if you spot any errors, let her know.

Cathi Westall, Deputy Editor (Print)
Degree: MA International Relations
Year: Master’s

Cathi is doing a Master’s in International Relations and was also at Bath for her BA in French and Politics. Safe to say she is in denial about a) Brexit and b) adulthood. As one of the Deputy Editors, she’ll likely try to shoehorn terrible puns into headlines, so please intervene if this becomes unbearable. Most likely to: fall asleep on a night out and then miraculously resurrect (like Jesus); feel a bit faint if she goes 3 hours without eating (less like Jesus).

Matt Kemp, Deputy Editor (Online)
Degree: Politics with Economics
Year: Final

Having not realised how much work final year and a dissertation brings, Matt joins Bath Time as Deputy Editor, owning all things online. He has no qualifications but gets by on references to pop culture.

Chloé Granger, Lifestyle Editor
Degree: International Management with French
Year: Final

You will probably find Chloé nestled in Bath’s best brunch/café hotspots trying to take aesthetic photos whilst she allows her green-tea bag to brew indefinitely. Yes, she keeps her teabags in. Chloé is a proud FIMML student and when she isn’t muttering to herself in French pretending her heritage is Francophone, she enjoys satisfying her inner fashionista by watching fashion shows instead of her lectures, writing ridiculously long blog posts on the power of a statement handbag and unapologetically idolising Coco Chanel.

Leora Garling, Features Editor
Degree: International Management with German
Year: Final

Leo is a final year International Management with German student. Aside from reading and writing, she’s also into music and loves to sing and strum to jazzy tunes. When she’s not at the library working on an essay or catching up on a lecture, you’ll most probably find her in town at a pub quiz. Her infectious laugh makes her very hard to miss! 

Yasmin Western, Sports Editor
Degree: Politics and International Relations
Year: 2nd

Guaranteed to be in leggings and slides, Yasmin is a 2nd Year Politics and IR student and this year’s Sports Editor. She’s probably still having a crisis about the fact she can no longer blame everything on being a “silly fresh” and struggles to accept the fact that weightlifting is not a personality trait. Always sore and always hungry, she’s ready to bring the fire to Bath Time sports content; fuelled by iced coffee and her beverage themed Spotify playlists.

Jemma Laver, Publicity & Distribution Officer
Degree: Management
Year: Final

On campus, if she's not chilling in the SU, studying in the library (to finish her Management degree) or soaking in the rays by the lake – Jemma's most probably scouting out the best secret study spot (don't ask, she won't tell you where the hidden gems are). Off campus it's anyone's guess, but she's most probably on an adventure finding a hidden out of town pub. However, rest assured even with all this exploring, as distribution officer she will guarantee everyone gets their hands on the Bath Time.