Did you miss us at Freshers' Fair?

Bath Time is the University of Bath's student magazine, where we write and rant about local news, students issues and all things pop-culture! During Freshers' Week, we provide daily coverage of events with a sprinkle of scandal, bad puns and crass summaries in the form of 'Minty Fresh'. As for the remainder of the year, the team works together to publish some top-quality journalism, focusing on investigative projects at a local and national level. We are also always on the look out for contributors to cover the best places to cure a hangover, which Fresh flapjack our readers should buy and all things Bath city related.

Copies of Bath Time are available across campus and new issues will be published every semester!

Visit our website for all the latest student and Bath-related news: unibathtime.co.uk

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Anyone interested in writing, editing, photography, (or anything else!) is welcome to come along and chat to us. We work (and live) in the Student Media Hub on Level 2 of the SU (on the right just as you enter) and always have a biscuit (or two) on offer!

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Who are we?

Asees Kaur, Editor in Chief (Print)
Degree: Psychology
Year: Second

Asees uses the Mamma Mia soundtracks as background music for everything she does. She is addicted to tiktok, coffee and chocolate but hey, at least she's self aware about it! She also works at one of Bath's indie cafes and it is hard to make her stop talking about it!

Élie Breton Des Loÿs, Editor in Chief (Online)
Degree: Politics & Spanish
Year: Final

Elie hasn't really changed since second year and his time as Lifestyle Editor. He's still a green tea addict, passionate about French man and cinema lover who can't stop writing articles about obscure European films no one watches, even if he says "no, I swear it's like so good". How many gallons of tea will he need to get through this year as Editor in Chief? Only time will tell...

Davina Kourdi, News & Comment Editor
Degree: Politics with Economics
Year: Final

Other than keeping up to date with the news, you'll also find her taking film photos, being passionate about climate change and going for long walks. 

Emily Godon, Lifestyle Editor
Degree: Politics & International Relations 
Year: Final

If you can’t find Emily, formerly Bath Time’s Features Editor, head to the Edge Café. If she’s not sipping *decaf* coffee while studying extra modules than she should be, she’s probably trying to fill her time with sport… without actually doing a sport. If you didn’t know she’s from Kent, is half-French and had a full fringe, I’m sure she’ll tell you in-between all the gossip. And whatever you do, don’t mention the Great British Bake Off.

Sonny Loughran, Features Editor
Degree: International Relations
Year: Master's

Having realised you still don’t have to do the readings he fills his time being upset about the excesses of capitalism, and Game of Thrones season eight. Other than this, Sonny is obsessed with unusual subcultures. So as features editor, he’ll likely try to squeeze in stories about the UK’s strangest groups – be it real-world witches or Bath’s swinger community.

Chelsea Pledge, Sports Editor
Degree: Sports Performance
Year: Final

When she's not covering sports news, you can find Chelsea training full time in Judo at the Sport Training Village. And if she's not on the tatami mat she's probably busy making viral TikToks around Bath!

Hannah Gormley, Photography Editor
Degree: Modern Languagues
Year: Second

Hannah has her own business as a freelance photographer. She also dances and runs a lot! Cheese is her comfort food. She loves pretty cities and hidden gems so Bath makes her very happy.


Joe Wilkins, Publicity & Distribution Officer
Degree: Economics & Politics
Year: Final

Joe lives exclusively off spaghetti hoops, turkey dinosaurs, and smiley faces. That tells you all you need to know about him.