Did you miss us at Freshers' Fair?

Bath Time is the University of Bath's student magazine, where we write and rant about local news, students issues and all things pop-culture! During Freshers' Week, we provide daily coverage of events with a sprinkle of scandal, bad puns and crass summaries. As for the remainder of the year, the team works together to publish some top-quality journalism, focusing on investigative projects at a local and national level. We are also always on the look out for contributors to cover the best places to cure a hangover, which Fresh flapjack our readers should buy and all things Bath city related.

Copies of Bath Time are available across campus and new issues are published every month!

Visit our website for all the latest student and Bath-related news: unibathtime.co.uk

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Anyone interested in writing, editing, photography, (or anything else!) is welcome to come along and chat to us. We work (and live) in 1E 3.12 and always have a biscuit (or two) on offer!

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Who are we?

Genevieve Redgrave - Editor-In-Chief

If you can’t find Genevieve she’s probably somewhere applying yet another coat of red lipstick, playing the saxophone (badly), or trying her very best to explain that she’s definitely from London despite her Kent postcode. In her final year of Politics and International Relations, to keep her happy it’s best if you don’t mention the B word to her, unless you mean Beyoncé or Bake off and if all else fails she can always be talked round with a good veggie curry and a lukewarm cup of tea.

Seb Ward - Deputy Editor (Print)

Seb is a final year Politics and International Relations student who is yet to come to terms with the fact he’s no longer a fresher and that this year is THE year. When he’s not having a nap in lectures or trying to make sense of the world behind a computer screen, you can find him on the door of Bridge, Moles, Komedia or the SU, helping bring you all your favourite nights in Bath. If he’s not there, then try the dance floor. On Saturdays, he can also be seen on the side of the rugby pitch with a whistle as he coaches the most valued team in Bath: the mighty jägers.

Eloise Sacares - Deputy Editor (Online)

Elle is our Online Deputy Editor, despite her only IT experience being from 5 failed blogs & YouTube channels in her teenage years. Since then she has moved on to campaigning on social issues, studying Politics with Economics and becoming known as Elle, inspired by the fierce determination (and dedication to the colour pink) of Elle Woods. Most likely to be sighted either covered in glitter in Mandy’s on a Thursday night, or declaring how 4W coffee is categorically the best on campus. 

Harry Bridge - News and Comment Editor

Harry is our News and Comments editor this year. He lived in China and Singapore, likes politics and economics way too much for a normal person and spend most of his time overthinking. He's looking forward to reading everything you have to write about the crazy world we live in and can’t wait to share it all with the student body!

Emily Godon - Features Editor

If you can’t find Emily, Bath Time’s Features Editor, head to the Edge Café. If she’s not sipping *decaf* coffee while studying extra modules than she should be, she’s probably trying to fill her time with sport… without actually doing a sport. If you didn’t know she’s from Kent, is half-French and has a full fringe, I’m sure she’ll tell you in-between all the gossip. And whatever you do, don’t mention the Great British Bake Off.  

Élie Breton Des Loÿs  - Lifestyle Editor 

Elie is our token European editor who loves writing reviews and watching movies. Actually he’s addicted to movies so much so that this year alone he has seen over a hundred of them in the cinema and keeps recommending indie movies that he swears down are really good. Just like most editors, Elie studies Politics (with Spanish) and follows a strict diet of thirty cups of tea a day.

Nicole Allen - Sports Editor

Nicole is a final year Sport and Exercise Science student who likes to think she is edgier than a dodecahedron. In true alternative spirit, she applied for a role that didn’t actually exist last year: Sports Editor. Hopefully she will be able to pull herself away from the football pitch long enough to sweat out a few articles for Bath Time. A fun fact about Nicole is that she started university with a boyfriend but is ending it with a girlfriend – she’s like Hannah Montana, getting the best of both worlds.


Emily Johnstone - Publicity and Distribution Officer

Emily is a 4th year Psychology student. By now, you'd think she would have the ability to read minds but the only treatment she's any good at is retail therapy. She's the resident snack queen so is never too far away from a Jaffa cake (or two). She's obsessed with dogs – if she could have it her way they’d be the ones distributing Bath Time.

Chloë Coules - Design Editor

As a Psychology student, Chloe is learning to understand the inner workings of people’s minds. She is yet to figure out answers to the big questions however, such as why anyone would ever use comic sans font or a picture background. When she isn’t overanalyzing the world around her, she enjoys fulfilling her role as a stereotypical hippy/lesbian by ranting about climate change, naming her future dogs and taking artsy photos.