We are CampusTV, the University of Bath’s student-run television station.

All of our (truly wonderful) videos are released on YouTube and Facebook - you can also keep up with us on Instagram.

Student TV StationIf words like presenting, filming, directing, editing, writing, and producing tickle your fancy, or you'd like to gain industry standard skills, make new friends, produce quality content, and have a blast along the way, then get involved!

Campus TV is back! We are already working all through summer, planning and making CTV come back to life in 2021-22. We are also looking for members to complete our committee but also fortify the CTV team. It doesn’t matter which year you are on, what you want to do in CTV, whether you want to be in front or backstage, CTV is a creative safe space for everyone. Be part of CTV and student media and send us an email at ctv-manager@bath.ac.uk or just send us a message on our Instagram or Facebook.

For Freshers and students coming this September 2022

During Fresher's Week 2022 you will have the chance to get to know CampusTV, what we do, how we operate, what possitions in the committee you can take and how yoou can explore your digital creativity!

You can even express your interest, dropping a message to ctv-manager@bath.ac.uk or on any of our social media!

See you in September!


Come visit us in our new Media Hub !!! (on level 2 of the SU building, just as you enter the SU to the right [for returning sudents, it is the old Advice and Support Center]), or get in touch by dropping us an email or hitting us up on Facebook!


Get involved

Simply buy your media membership (£9 for the year) and then join the CampusTV Crew group on Facebook.

Media Membership

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This membership product will give you membership to CampusTV, Bath Time and University Radio Bath.