Student Media

Student Media is a lively, inclusive community where students can work on and publish writing, radio shows, videos and more. This content provides the Bath student community with a popular radio station, fascinating magazines and huge variety of video content covering student life in the city.

The group publishes work through three different platforms, URB, Bath Time and CampusTV. Each platform has a committee dedicated to supporting members grow, managing content and improving their work.

When the three come together, student media hosts some of the best socials and awards nights in Bath, this in between collaborating on award winning projects that see events across the student community covered on livestreams and more.

Your membership grants you access to all three groups. Whether you're into presenting, video editing, writing, or all three, there is no limit on what you can do with us.

Have a look at each of our pages to see specifically what we get up to, then join up and dive in. See you soon!



  • Media Membership£9.00


Nominations for the 2022 Media Awards:


Best Newcomer & Why
George, Bella, Barney

Best Specialist Show
ProperGander, Ambient Electronics, Angus Heaphy

Best Off-Air Contribution & Why
Arob, George, Athenais

Best Social Media Presence
ProperGander, ThroughTheAges, TheBathSO, ForTheRecord

Most likely to work for BBC Radio One
George, John, Luke


Best Newcomer & Why
Elliot Rose, Ellie Mcguigan, Joe Wilkins

Best Contributor & Why
Elie, Joe Wilkins, Yasmin

Best News Coverage
Elie, Davina

Best Review
Elliot Rose, No Time To Die, Wolf Alice at the O2 Bristol


Best Newcomer & Why
Charles, Hasan, Andrew

Best Contribution & Why
isis, Peter, Ranai

Best on Camera Talent
Hasan, Louis, Zisis

Most Likely to Join the BBC
Hasan, Peter, George,

Best Project
Fight Night, Varsity, Freshers

Nerdiest CTV Member
Peter, Peter Irvine, Pete, Mr Irvine


Best Project
Last Riposte, Fight Night

Best Commitment to Media & Why

Zisis, Arob, George

Rising Star Award & Why
Bella, George, Jack

Technical Innovation Award
Aryan, Peter

Special Shoutout
Arob, Bella, John