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Our Groups run a number of events, socials and activities throughout the year. To run certain events we require you to fill in an Event Planner which will help you to think about all the different aspects of your event including finances, contracts, venue/space booking and risk assessments. It also gives the SU more information on what you are doing which allows us to support you and will help you to ensure you put on the best event for your members.

Event Planner Timeline

Activity or Event When to submit Event Planner
On campus activity or event 3 weeks in advance
On and off campus shows 3 weeks in advance
BBQ's 3 weeks in advance
(including BBQ health & Safety form)
Off campus activity or event (no contract) 4 weeks in advance
Off campus activity or event (contract) 6 weeks in advance
External speakers (online or in-person) Read more here At least 4 weeks in advance
(including external speakers form)
Overseas trip (please call into Societies office before booking) At least 6-8 weeks in advance

Event Planner

If you're unsure whether you require the event planner, please contact

To access the Event Planner, you will need to be on campus or accessing via a VPN. You will also need to create an account (not single sign on).

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