We have collected some of the common questions we receive from Academic Reps here.

How do I send emails to students?

As a Rep, you can use the SU website's messaging function to email students in your course or faculty. You can find the guide on how to do this here.

We don't have a Rep on my Course, can I become a Rep?

We try our best to ensure all courses and years of study are represented, however, sometimes there are vacancies. If you notice that there is no representative and you are interested in fulfilling the role, please email arc@bath.ac.uk for further information.

I no longer want to be an Academic Rep. Can I withdraw from the position?

We understand that sometimes students will choose to no longer be an Academic Rep. If you would like to stop being an Academic Rep, please contact us at arc@bath.ac.uk with which course and year of study you currently represent, and we will inform staff in your department.

I have an issue that is not being considered in SSLC meetings, what do I do?

There are occasions when concerns are not taken into account in an actionable way. In these instances, you can get support from either your Faculty Rep or the Education Officer in either advising you on your next step or raising the issue to a higher meeting.

How do I find my fellow Academic Reps?

Our Find My Rep tool shows you the representatives for the course you input into the text box. If you would like to find Reps who also represent your course, you can search using this tool or find them in our Teams chat.

Where do I go to for issues that are not Academic related?

You can find further support through a range of services depending on the issue:

The website is saying I am ineligible for the role, what do I do?

If you see that you are ineligible for a role you believe you should be eligible for, please email arc@bath.ac.uk with the specific post you are trying to nominate yourself for along with your university username. We should be able to then see what the issue is.

My nomination says "pending approval", does this mean I have done something wrong?

This means that we have received your nomination and it is waiting for approval. The Academic Representation Team will bulk approve all nominations after the closing deadline, during this process we will make sure that our elections are fair & inclusive to all. You can check the rules here, if there is an issue with your nomination, we will contact you.

Not found what you were looking for?

Feel free to ask any additional questions to arc@bath.ac.uk or pgvoice@bath.ac.uk.