When you become an Academic Rep, we want you to feel prepared and confident in representing students in your cohort. That's why we conduct training sessions on key topics to give you the low-down on your role.

Mandatory Training

These training topics are mandatory in order to continue being an Academic Rep. If you have not completed this training yet, please contact arc@bath.ac.uk.

Academic Rep 101/Refresher Training

Academic Rep 101 Training is the initial training Academic Reps receive when they enter their role. This goes over the basics of what the role is and what to expect from it. 

A recorded version of the session will be made available soon.

SSLC Training

Student-Staff Liaison Committee meetings (or SSLCs) are a key opportunity for staff and Reps to work together to understand what is going well and what isn't on a course or courses. Information on these meetings are covered in the initial 101 training.

We also have some smaller resources on SSLC:

Faculty Rep Training

The following training is mandatory for all those elected as Faculty Representatives. This includes the following:

  • Faculty Rep 101 - the basics of the role and how to be an effective Rep
  • Exec Training - going over the aspects of an Exec as a meeting, as well as planning for the year ahead

Optional Training

These training topics or programmes are useful and can help develop skills both in your role and out of it.

Student Development Programme

Academic Reps are considering student leaders of SU Bath and are therefore eligible for the Student Leader Development Programme. You can find more information about this here.

Chairing Meetings Training

A training to better prepare Reps who chair meetings. If you have not used the Moodle Hub before, you will need to self-enroll in the course. Click here to access the e-learning module.

Become a Feedback Master Training

Want to know more about ways you can collect and share feedback? Our training goes over the different ways you may act on feedback as well as how to present it constructively. Click here to access the training slides.

Complaints 101 Training

Understand what a complaint is and how it works. Click here to access the training slides.

Paper Writing 101 Training

Learn how to write and present a paper for a meeting. Click here to access the training slides.

Training Shots & Guides

These training topics are small resources for topics that are not big enough to make full training out of.


Something Missing?

If you feel like there is a topic we are currently not covering but you think would be useful, you can submit them by emailing arc@bath.ac.uk.We will look at how we will be able to fulfill this and assess whether demand for the training is there.