Training and Resources

Here you will find many resources that will help support you in being an Academic Representative, from basic training videos to cheat sheets. 

2021 Training

101 Training

101 is for anyone who is new to being a rep and will provide you with all the knowledge and skills to help create positive change for you and your peers.

Refresh Training

Refresh training for Reps who have already been a Rep in previous years. These videos will provide you with updates on what has changed this year to keep you in the loop.

Apologies, we did not sucessfully manage to record a Doctoral Reps Refresh Session so we have clipped Doctoral Rep training to just the updates of the SU and a signposting reminder.

Confirm your training by completing our reppy quiz.

Chair Training & Resources


Further Information

If you would like any further information or resources, or if you think that there is something more we can do, get in touch: