What We Do

Aquae Sulis is a research-based society that aims to advance members’ knowledge of discursive matters with an academic approach. We wish to strengthen the bonds between undergraduates, postgraduates, and faculty members.

Reasons to Join Us

We strive to provide a platform for postgraduates and faculty members to actively discuss their research and findings whilst enabling all participants to engage during and outside of these talks.

Aquae Sulis (Bath in Latin) aims at strengthening bonds between undergraduates, postgraduates and faculty. It is integral for the society to always maintain the free entrance and exit fee of the society (i.e., £0.00). This is one of the fundamental ideas behind the society’s establishment.

The society's key belief is to create a space where people from all different walks of life, ages, ethnicity, sexuality, religion, etc. can openly discuss the content covered during the talks and relating material: the society is not aiming to make profits from members.




General Committee Member