First Bus have made major changes to the bus routes to and from campus. The U1 now no longer serves Dorchester Street and Abbey, and have increased the costs of tickets. Reliable and cost effective transport is vital to students, and The SU is doing all it can to ensure our members have an effective bus route to campus. 


First day of term

On Monday 1 October your SU Officers where at the bus stop in oldfield and corn street to show the extent of the bus queues and the problems facing students in getting to campus. There they handed out the email to give feedback directly to the first bus. 

What your SU has done

  • Raised concerns about route changes when we found out mid-June

  • Collated student feedback and sent to first

  • SU President met with Chris Hanson from first too to reiterate concerns on 13 July

  • SU President exchanged emails with Chris throughout summer, securing a feedback email address from first that is monitored by their bath office as opposed to the First customer service desk in Leeds

  • Found out about Brougham Hayes roadworks, and proceeded to raise concerns with local councillors

  • Found out about bus prices and demanded an emergency meeting with University, B&NES Council, First and Trade Union Reps

  • Requested they consider reintroducing bulk day tickets, reiterated student feeling about the situation

  • Created bus cards to hand out to people in first week of term

  • Created bathunibus feedback group for people to upload anecdotes and pictures of the situation

  • Over the past few weeks the SU Officers have spoken to 3 Councillors about the issue as well as meet with the highways team in BANES, raised safety with Avon Fire and Rescue and met with the cabinet member for transport and the shadow cabinet member for transport

  • Scheduled meeting with Bath MP next week

  • Demanded a follow up meeting to monitor the situation with First, Banes, Trade Union Reps and the University, this is happening on Friday 12th of October

Bus Information

U1 Route Changes

the new U1 route is missing out the city centre. After Oldfield, it will head towards the Green Park stop before stopping at Corn Street near John Wood which will be its main town stop. It will then go round the back of the station, along Rossiter Road and Pultney Road to the bottom of Bathwick and up to Uni (this bit is the same as the U1x and U2 last year).

In the other direction, it’ll leave Uni and go down Bathwick, left along Pultney Road (where there will be a new bus stop near Pultney Court on the left), round past Widcombe and will have a stop at the Ambury which is also near John Wood.

In summary, the new U1 will be cutting out Dorchester Street, Manvers Street, the Abbey and North Parade. For access from the station, you can use Corn Street but there will also be a stop at the back of the station on Rossiter Road. There will also be a stop on the other side in the Uni-Oldfield direction by Lyncombe Hill.


U2 Route Changes

The U2 will still turn left out of Uni and go through Odd Down and Southdown. It will go down Coronation Avenue before turning left down Lymore Avenue, through to Twerton High Street and towards Haycombe Drive before returning to Uni along Rush Hill and Combe Down.

This means there won’t be a U2 service going through Oldfield and down Lower Bristol Road anymore.