It has been a long time since we have been getting the buses to campus regularly. Due to COVID, First Bus has not had to operate at its usual capacity since March 2020. Plus there have been some route changes since that time. 

Reliable and cost effective transport is vital to students, and The SU is doing all it can to ensure our members have an effective bus route to campus. 

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We are aware there may be some challenges when returning to local travel in this post-COVID world. Please ensure you provide any feedback directly to First, using the buttons below.

Routes to Campus 2021-22

Below is a brief summary of current route options when wanting to get to campus (accurate as of 23rd September 2021):


Consists of 1 small loop of Oldfield Park, then goes through the City Centre before heading up Bathwick Hill to campus. This runs 24hrs a day, 7 days a week (it is less frequent outside of peak hours).


Consists of the same small loop of Oldfield Park, skips the City Centre (Via A36), and then heads up Bathwick Hill to campus. This runs between Mon-Fri 07:00am-20:00pm.


This route goes through Twerton, Oldfield Park, Newbridge, Weston, the City Centre (Via Julian Road and then the Bus station), then to Campus via Widcombe Hill. This runs between 07:30am-17:30pm Mon-Fri.


This route goes from South Twerton, through Odd Down, Combe Down and then campus via Claverton Down Road. This runs between Mon-Fri 07:30am-18:30pm, and Saturday 08:30am-18:30pm.

Click here to read more about First Bus routes to campus (including timetable information and a better quality map image).