How to get involved with #NeverOK

The #NeverOK campaign will deliver training, resources and marketing materials focused on empowering people to speak out against sexual harassment: helping promote a culture of respect and safety for all staff and students on campus.

To launch the campaign, SU bar staff and members of the University’s Security team have received trained through the Good Night Out campaign, enabling staff to respond confidently to reports of sexual harassment or assault.

Inspired by this, Fresher’s Week Event Managers; Alicia Lobo, Eve Alcock, and Connor Gent have developed and delivered their own ground-breaking training for the 450 members of the Fresher’s crew; ‘Fresher’s Night Out’. This training equips the crew, who look after new students during their first week at University, to identify harassment and handle disclosures confidently Bath is one of the only Universities in the country to offer this kind of wide ranging training to its students.

The #NeverOK campaign has launched for Freshers' Week and you will be seeing posters and plasmas around campus encouraging you to speak out against sexual harassment.

How can you get involved?

  • Lend your support to the campaign by wearing a #NeverOK badge. You can pick these up, for free, in the Roper Centre, 4 West
  • Use our simple PowerPoint stating ‘We Support #NeverOK’ at the start and end of your PowerPoints. You can download the slide here.
  • Share our posts on social media
  • Look out for more information and some training opportunities later in the year.

If you have experienced sexual harassment, misconduct or assault, visit the Advice & Support Centre in The SU or the Student Services Roper Centre in 4 West for support. You can also email SU Community Officer Ben Palmeron You will be believed, you will be taken seriously and you will not be pressured to make a formal report. When you talk to us, it will be confidential.

Speak out against sexual harassment. #NeverOK