We believe students can (and want to) shape the student experience at Bath. One way to make change is through 'campaigning'. Campaigns can be on any issue that students face, and they’re a way to make real and positive change - plus have some fun too! Running your own campaign or helping others with theirs could make a real impact on the issues that matter to you, and we’ll be there to help you as much as we can.

What is a campaign?

The easiest way to define a campaign is: "an organised course of action with the aim of achieving a goal". This means that campaigning can take many forms and that each individual campaign is different, varying in style, tactics, and size.

What can the SU do to support your campaign?

Getting support from the SU for a campaign you wish to run is easier than you think - all you need is an idea for change that will benefit the student experience at Bath. 

We have created this online resource to demonstrate what campaign support is on offer. If you wish to discuss your campaign idea with the SU, please email the Change & Inclusion Manager at  ideastoaction@bath.ac.uk - they will then help you find the best type of support that will enable you to create change. 

Want to Organise a Protest or Demonstration?

If any member of the University (staff or student) wants to organise an on-campus ‘protest or demonstration’ of any kind, they need to be aware of the University of Bath's Regulation 18. Paragraphs 18.14-18.16 of Reg. 18 outline what the University policy is for such events.

As an SU, we support our student groups and leaders in being compliant with this regulation and work with the organiser(s) and the Deputy Vice-Chancellor’s office to ensure a smooth event is planned.

If you want to organise a protest or demonstration, you should email ideastoaction@bath.ac.uk.

In order to work with us to plan a successful demonstration or protest, you will be required to appoint a 'lead organiser' and provide a detailed event plan and risk assessment. There are slightly different rules depending on where you are planning the event to take place.

In terms of the support that the SU can provide when planning such an event, this can include:

  • Assistance with forms, risk assessments and working with the University.
  • Some training on campaigning.
  • Physical equipment (high-visibility vests, megaphone, fold-out tables, etc.).
  • Potential promotion of the event (considered on a case-by-case basis).

Access Campaign Training

Our selection of campaign training sessions can give you the skills to make positive change for students.

If you are interesting in booking a training session (as an individual, group or student leader) then email the request to:  ideastoaction@bath.ac.uk. We have training available on a variety of topics:

  • Effective Campaign Planning
  • Campaigning in the Local Community
  • Campaigning through events (and/or External Speakers)
  • Campaigning via 'the Power of Papers'

Apply for Campaign Budget

The Campaigns Budget is available to any University of Bath student, group of students, or affiliated SU group. The Campaigns Budget exists to help facilitate campaigns on campus, in the local area, nationally or internationally.

The purpose of this fund is to create positive change for students at the University of Bath. Therefore this budget is not appropriate for:

  • Campaigns that don’t affect students
  • Not within the powers of the SU to do (Ultra Vires)
  • Won’t create some kind of change in policy, practices, or behaviours. 

The campaign must demonstrate that it will have an impact on the student body. This budget is also open to student groups as well, however it cannot be used to purchase any equipment, training, or socials. Nor can this money be used as donations to any external bodies or persons. Students’ Unions can only support campaigns that are within the powers of the SU to do. This means that the SU will not be legally able to work on campaigns that don’t have an impact on the students studying at the University of Bath. Campaigns that request a budget must hit at least one of the below criteria:

  • Related to students' education
  • Related to student development
  • Related to the student experience

If you have any questions on this, please contact us and we can help explain it to you or help set up or adapt your campaign that the SU can support. 

If you wish to submit a bid for the campaign budget, fill in the application form and submit it to the Change & Inclusion Manager (ideastoaction@bath.ac.uk). If you want to discuss if you can apply, if a budget is required for your campaign, or if you just want some advice and support, please let us know.