Support from the SU

Getting support from the SU for a campaign you wish to run is easier than you think! If you can justify that it will create a change and can show that it has support from students, The SU will try to support you as much as it can.

If you wish to discuss your campaign idea with the SU, please email the Change & Inclusion Manager at They will help you write up a plan on how you can create that change, as well as support you in focusing on the issue you wish to fix and help you create a series of activities that will meet your desired aim. 

Campaign Training

Our selection of campaign training sessions can give you the skills to make positive change for students.

To book a session, email with the session you would like delievered, which group you are and what you want to campaign on. 

Effective Campaigning

This session outlines the basic steps in campaign planning, based on the “7 steps to effective campaigning” toolkit. This session will outline effective strategies in planning a campaign and give useful tools and knowledge to help students bring about real change and have a positive impact. This session will also cover how to effectively speak, communicate and involve people within your campaign and how to mobilise support on issues.

Influencing B&NES Council and Local Community

This session will demonstrate the inner workings of the council, from cabinet decisions, Councillors and scrutiny panels. This will also include the breadth of what the council does and who the key players are.This session will include how to influence the council through mobalisation of people through petitions and policy, utilising the decision making structures in the council to achieve campaigning aims. 

Campaigning Through Events

This session is designed to give the tools and knowledge necessary to create positive change through events. This will cover the basics of events planning, effective tools in organizing events and to give attendees the confidence in organizing events in a campaigning setting.

This will cover a broad range of topics such as time-lining, risk assessments, volunteer recruitment and engagement. This session will also include essential tools in communication and how to reach your target audience.

Influencing Through Stories, Messaging & Communication

With so many messages given out to students and the wider public, learning how to effectively cut through this noise to give your campaign a large impact to a wide breadth of people is vitally important.

This session will outline what effective messaging looks like, how campaign groups and political parties use messaging and how to work with the press and media. This will give a particular highlight to how to write press releases and other technical aspects of giving yourself a broad reach with media groups. It will also help you reach audiences through effective use of social media and other communication platforms.

Power in Papers

This session is designed to demonstrate how to write effective pieces of policy to committees, particularly influencing in the formal university committee structure. This session will show what good techniques there are in paper writing, and how to conduct thorough research into issues.

This session will also cover influencing people and presenting a good case for your paper to be adopted. It will also cover how the university hierarchy is structured.

Protests, Demonstrations and Direct Action

This session will outline what forms of direct action can look like, cover how to run protests and how to ensure that these activities meet the aims, objectives and impacts that your campaign seeks to achieve.

This will cover the planning stages of these kind of events and how to ensure that they are safe, secure and effective. This will also cover how to engage people in these types of campaigns.


Campaigns Budget

What is the campaign budget?

The Campaigns Budget is available to any University of Bath student, group of students or affiliated SU group. The Campaigns Budget exists to help facilitate campaigns on campus, in the local area, nationally or internationally. They can also be used to support a piece of passed policy that requires a campaign. If you wish to apply for this budget, please contact the Campaigns Coordinator so that they can help you with the submission process. 

What can the money not be used for?

The purpose of this fund is to create positive change for students at the University of Bath. Therefore this budget is not appropriate for:

  • Campaigns that don’t affect students
  • Not within the powers of the SU to do (Ultra Vires)
  • Won’t create some kind of change in policy, practices or behaviours. 

The campaign must demonstrate that it will have an impact on the student body.  This budget is also open to student groups as well, however it cannot be used to purchase any equipment, training or socials. Nor can this money be used as donations to any external bodies or persons. 

Ultra Vires

Students’ Unions can only support campaigns that are within the powers of the SU to do. This means that the SU will not be legally able to work on campaigns that don’t have an impact on the students studying at the University of Bath. Campaigns that request a budget must hit at least one of the below criteria:

  • Related to students education
  • Related to student development
  • Related to the student experience

If you have any questions on this, please contact us and we can help explain it to you or help set up or adapt your campaign that the SU can support. 

How is the decision made on funding campaigns?

The SU will endeavour to fully support student led activity as much as is feasible and possible. If there is scope for funding of a campaign we will try to if possible. If you wish to make your bid as successful as possible, we look at key themes that you can tailor your bid on. 

Impact: Your campaign should demonstrate that it has some impact on the student experience. Can you show that the campaign will have a discernible influence on student lives and the student experience?

Student Numbers: You should also demonstrate what amount of students who will be impacted by your campaign, and what type of students. A campaign doesn’t have to effect all students! If you can demonstrate an impact to particular students that is just as important!

Evidence of Support: Your campaign should also have some research behind it. Is there sufficient support from students that the change you wish to create is desirable? Is there evidence that the campaign is needed? Using statistics is very helpful to show this, as well as any activity that has been taken by students either locally or nationally. 

Effective campaign planning: Have you got a solid plan in place to run your campaign? What experience do you have in running campaigns or have you attend any campaign training sessions? Showing that you have written a campaign action plan and done some preliminary research into the campaign topic is also helpful. 

Next Steps

If you wish to submit a bid for the campaigns budget, fill in the application form and submit it to the Change & Inclusion Manager ( If you want to discuss if you can apply, if a budget is required for your campaign, or if you just want some advice and support, please contact the Change & Inclusion Manager who will help you with your campaign.