Frequently Asked Questions

"What happens at a Friday Taster?"

We will announce a theme and four different cocktails that we've chosen on our Facebook page. If you're interested, you can buy a ticket on our SU page. Members get discounted tickets *hint*. Just bring yourself and your student ID, and we'll bring round each drink one by one, talk about them a bit, there'll be some good music relevant to the theme - an all around good time.

"Is it worth it?"

Our Friday tasters will be ticketed and capped, so we can prepare a good portion of every drink for everyone. Expect an average of one/two shots of liquor in each drink (a great deal for £3/£5). Info on our cocktails of the week will also be posted to our Facebook before the event.

"Will I get drunk?"

BU Cocktail Society is largely based on the appreciation of good drinks and culinary art of mixology; our main objective is to provide the opportunity for students to try the range of cocktails the world has to offer at an affordable price. But otherwise, see above. Please let us know if the drinks are too strong for you, and we will make appropriate adjustments for you.

"What if I have allergies or dietary restrictions?"

All ingredients used in our cocktails of the week will be posted before the event. Send us a Facebook message or email earlier, and we'll make a substitution for you :)

"What if I don't drink?"

We think inclusivity is super important, so for every set of cocktails we do, there will also be a set of non-alcoholic variations, thanks to our Mocktail Rep. Everyone deserves to have nice drinks (and it helps if you want to convince a designated driver to come along). Make sure you let us know before the session begins.

"I tried a cocktail and it spoke to my heart, how do I make it?"

Follow us on Instagram @bucocktail ! We'll be posting all our recipes for cocktails/mocktails there. (Hopefully. We haven't been very good at finding time for this.) See below regarding our Mixology Workshops.

"What is a Mixology Workshop?"

Do you want to try making cocktails, but don't have the equipment or all the specific ingredients to do so? In a Mixology Workshop, we'll provide all the tumblers, stirrers, ice, bitters you need. It will be similar to Taster, but you'll get to make them yourself, taught at the front by the committee. Currently, these are run by an external contact. Once we raise enough funds for society equipment of our own, we will be able to run these more often.

"Will I get discounts at any cocktail bars in town?"

Within this month, we are expecting to have arranged discounts for our members with local bars Be At One, and Revolution.

"Will there be socials?"


Remember to message or email us if you have any questions, and we hope to see you soon!