Training for prospective candidates

How To Win*: Planning a shit hot campaign and manifesto writing

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Want to run for SU Officer but not really sure where to start? Lucky for you, we've done this before and can give you the inside scoop on how to plan the perfect campaign AND write a manifesto that will actually work; a 'How To' guide for winning an SU Election.
*Please note, attending this talk doesn't guarantee you'll win... it's just a catchy title
We are holding two sessions, both are exactly the same, so come along to either:

Thursday 6 February 12:15 in OR
Friday 7 February 13:15 1 East Meeting Room 

Running to be an Officer as a BAME student

Alisha Lobo (Community Officer 2018-2020) will be leading a session on what it's like to be an ethnic minority candidate. She will also share her experience of being an officer and a woman of colour: highlighting the challenges (and happy moments) of the officer role from her perspective. 
Monday 17 February 13:15  1 East Meeting room.

Running to be an Officer as a woman

Eve Alcock (SU President 2018-2020) will be running this session to share her experience of being an officer candidate as a women. The aim of this session is to meet some fellow candidates and hear from Eve about her experiences.

Tuesday 18 February 13:15 in 1 East Meeting room.

Drop ins

Got some burning questions, or want to go through your campaign ideas? Come along to the drop-in sessions to ask any questions you have about being an officer or the campaigning process.

Tuesday 11 February (12:15 in 1 East Meeting Room)
Monday 17 February (12:15 in 1 East Meeting Room)

Book an appointment with an SU staff member of Officer

It’s sometimes useful  to speak to SU staff members (the SU couldn't run without our wonderful staff!) when thinking about running to be an SU Officer. The individuals below are available to book for an appointment to discuss your new potential role - even if it is just to find out more!
  • Andrew Mclaughlin - Chief Executive – Andrew is particularly good to speak to if you are interested in the SU President role. He mainly focuses on strategy & finance.
  • Mandy Wilson-Garner - Deputy Chief Executive - Mandy works closely with all officers, but especially with the Community Officer, Activities Officer and the SU President. 
  • Charlie Slack - Head of Student Voice - Whatever role you are interested in, Charlie would be happy to speak with you. As head of student voice, she works closely with officers in their campaigning & lobbying work. She particularly works closely with the SU President & the Education Officer.
  • Polly Hawker - Head of Activities - Polly oversees societies, volunteering groups and our sports clubs. Book an appointment with Polly if you are interested in the Activities Officer role or Sport Officer.
  • Anna Boneham - Volunteering & Societies Manager - Anna works closely with societies & volunteering groups. Potential Activities Officer/Community Officer candidates would find talking to Anna particularly relevant.
  • Sam Cook - Peer Support Manager - Sam leads on Peer Support, Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) and student development & training. All candidates could benefit from talking to Sam as he works closely with all student leaders. 
  • Amy Young - Insight & Engagement Manager - Amy is all about facts and research. As head of insight she is the master of surveys and student opinion data at The SU. She is also responsible for overseeing the SU's work on representing International & Postgraduate students. Very useful to talk to Amy for all roles.
  • And of course, all our current SU Officers would be happy to talk to you about their current role.

Contact to book an appointment with any of the above staff members & officers.  

Appointments are subject to availability & we cannot guarantee meetings with all the staff you may be interested in meeting.