Resources for prospective SU Officer Candidates

Campaigning Tips and Advice

A useful guide to how to campaign, including some tips and advice from former Officers. How do you strike the balance between doing something fun and memorable whilst also getting your message across? We recommend reading through this alongside the Election Rules to help you plan your campaign.

Resource link: Campaigning Tips and Advice Slides

Online Campaigning Tips and Advice

Campaigning online now can be as effective as in person with lots of students able to access your campaign information online without needing to be on campus and speak to you in person, but how do you navigate the online space if you want to use it? You should read through these slides alongside the Campaigning Tips and Advice and Marketing Training (and our Election Rules) to plan how online campaigning can complement any of your other campaign activities. 

Resource link: Online Campaigning Tips & Advice Slides

Manifesto Tips and Advice

What is a manifesto? How do I start writing one? What should I include? Manifestos will often be the last thing a voter sees before placing their vote, and if they haven't been able to speak to you in person during the campaign period they will often use manifestos as a way of getting to know you and what you want to achieve as an SU Officer. You should read our Election Rules alongside these slides, particularly the section about manifestos.

Resource link: Manifesto Tips and Advice Slides 

Marketing Training

A useful guide to Marketing your Campaign. Considering accessibility, platforms, language and more. The Marketing team is happy to meet with students 1:1 if they would like any more information. contact to book in some time.  

Resource link: Marketing Training Slides


Campaign resources

Candidates can spend no more than £50 on their campaign, as per the Election Rules, with £20 of this reimbursed from The SU. To support candidates additionally this year each candidate will receive a pack with the following resources at the mandatory candidate meeting/briefing:

* 1 x double flat sheet white

* 1 x ball of string

* 1 pack of 10 cable ties

* 10 A4 plastic wallets

* 1 A4 printed QR code to the main voting page

Candidates will also receive the QR code to their individual candidate page on the SU website (as soon as available) and the main voting page by email.

Candidates will also have access to the Arts space in The Edge if needed to make banners Thursday 29 February 2024 and Friday 01 March 2024, The Edge Art Room 2nd floor, anytime between 10:00 and 16:00. Further details will be emailed following the close of nominations.

Book an appointment with an SU staff member or Officer

It’s sometimes useful to speak to SU staff members (the SU couldn't run without our wonderful staff!) when thinking about running to be an SU Officer. The individuals below are available to book an appointment to discuss your new potential role - even if it is just to find out more!
  • Charlie Slack - Head of Student Voice - Whatever role you are interested in, Charlie would be happy to speak with you. She works closely with officers in their campaigning & lobbying work and supports officers with their relationship with the University. She particularly works closely with the SU President, Education Officer, Community Officer and Postgraduate Officer.
  • Polly Hawker - Head of Activities - Polly oversees societies, volunteering groups, and our sports clubs. Book an appointment with Polly if you are interested in the Activities Officer role or Sport Officer.
  • Anna Boneham - Volunteering & Societies Manager - Anna works closely with societies & volunteering groups. Potential Activities Officer candidates would find talking to Anna particularly relevant.
  • Gemma Rigby - Peer Support Manager - Gemma leads on Peer Support, Peer Assisted Learning (PAL), and student leader development & training. 
  • Amy Young - Insight & Engagement Manager - Amy is all about facts and research. As head of insight, she is the master of surveys and student opinion data at The SU. Very useful to talk to Amy about all roles. 
  • Ryan Lucas - Education Manager - Ryan oversees the academic representation area of the SU and works closely with both the Education Officer and Postgraduate Officer. He attends many University committee meetings alongside Officers and has his finger on the pulse on what's happening in learning and teaching and the doctoral student experience.
  • Helen Webb - Marketing and Communications Manager - Overseas all Marketing and communications for the whole SU. Works closely with the SU President to support Student Media. 
  • Beki Self - Senior Administrator (Governance) - Beki is happy to talk to you about the role that Officers play as Trustees of The SU. This is part of all Officers roles and maybe something you don't know much about currently.
  • And of course, all our current SU Officers would be happy to talk to you about their current role.

If you have any questions about the elections process itself speak to one of our Returning Officer team, Ryan and Amy by emailing 

Contact to book an appointment with any of the above staff members & officers.  

Appointments are subject to availability & we cannot guarantee meetings with all the staff you may be interested in meeting.