What We Do

We exist to provide opportunities for the students to explore the emerging sector of FinTech (short for Financial Technology!).  We aim to do this by offering interactive workshops, challenge events and educational talks on this new space, to see and understand further how it is impacting all our lives.   We strive to be a platform not just of academic and corporate engagement, but one of support to any students on the tricky path of applications to FinTech firms and other players in the industry like big banks!  We know that getting experience and insights at these companies can be super difficult, but we think we’re well-positioned to offer a helping hand and create a forum where we can discuss, collaborate and help each other achieve our goals!

Reasons to Join Us

Student interest is a key driver behind our goals for the Bath FinTech Society.  Raising awareness of this developing, highly lucrative industry is a main target of ours, and we feel that through engagement with students and providing an accessible introduction to a field which may seem far too complex to approach.  

A forum to offer support to students who find both finance and technology jobs/internships/insights at large institutions increasingly competitive is something we feel could be hugely beneficial.   We also believe that navigating the industry can be not just time consuming, but nerve-wracking and disorientating with the tremendous breadth of options.  Newsletters and updates can help break down pages and pages of different available opportunities into more meaningful and constructive notifications.  Awareness of such opportunities is often minimal, so even simply bringing this to people’s attention could be beneficial we think.

We understand that the last year has been a little crazy and the pandemic has meant that societies have all become virtual. Hopefully, as we move into the 2021/22 year, we can start having in-person socials again, and create a diverse and inclusive network where ideas and advice can freely flow. Our promise is to put on great events for you to learn more, explore your interests and develop as young professionals gearing up for a growing industry! We’ve planned to host mentoring programmes, guest speaker talks, interactive pitching & investing events and hackathons! 



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