23 - 27 Sept

Freshers’ Week Captains

Our Freshers’ Week Captains are student volunteers who will be on hand during Freshers’ Week, helping at virtual and in-person events and answering any questions you have. Your accommodation will have several Freshers’ Week Captains each, so look out for them in their green Captain t-shirts!


Wristband Events

Wristbands will give you access to everything within our timetable including our full virtual offer of comedy nights, quizzes, live music and more.

Wristband Events

Virtual Events

Fancy a night in? Or joining in the Freshers’ Week fun remotely? Get involved in our virtual events, no matter where you are.

Virtual Events

In-person Events

Looking to explore? Or get out the house? Check out our in-person events, all designed to ensure you can enjoy Freshers’ Week safely.

In-person Events

Postgraduate Events

Postgraduate students are welcome at all events, but each night there is an exclusive event to get to know your fellow postgraduates.

Postgrad Events

1. Welcome Night

You’ve found your flat, have just about unpacked, and now it’s time for your first night in Bath! Whatever day you arrive, we have an amazing Welcome Night planned for you!

After getting to know your flatmates, you’ll meet your Freshers’ Week Captains. These amazing volunteers are all current students and are on hand to answer any questions you have about university life. They’ll take you through some classic Freshers’ Week games to help you and your new flatmates to break the ice.

The evening will include a few surprises that we don’t want to spoil here and will be followed by a live DJ set.

Make sure you are connected on your accomodation group on Teams where you will meet your captains and get things started!

2. The Build-Up

No matter when you arrive, you’ll be able to get involved in a wide range of activities during the arrivals period – all of which are free!

Our wonderful student groups will be hosting a variety of events over the arrivals period. So, whether it’s a picturesque stroll along Bath’s skyline walk, a tour of the city’s best spots, or a treasure hunt across campus - there’s something for everyone. There are plenty of places to socialise on campus, so why not get to know your flatmates better over a famous Plug & Tub bagel in The SU!

In the evenings, there’s a chance to chill out with a film, enjoy live DJ sets and get to know your housemates. Some events will require booking, this will be made clear on each event. Bookings will go live at 09:00 on the morning of the event and come offline an hour before the event starts. We have two booking systems depending on the location of the activity, but everything should be clearly linked via the event on the timetable.

Events that don't require booking will have links to join available on the timetable prior to the event starting.

A perfect introduction to FW20!

3. Freshers' Week

Our main events will kick off on Wednesday. Get to know your new home through enjoying our range of events across campus, such as mini-golf and picnics. Or kick back and relax in the comfort of your flat to enjoy an incredible virtual line-up, including live music and professional comedy.

Each night, we’ll have livestreamed bands, DJs and artists performing for you and your new friends and there’ll be competitions to win great prizes!

Some events will require booking in advance even if you do have a wristband. Every bookable event will go online ready to be booked from 09:00 on the morning of the event and will be taken offline one hour before the event starts. We have two booking systems depending on the location of the activity, but everything should be clearly linked via the event on the timetable.


Freshers’ Week wristbands will go on sale at the start of September. Purchasing a wristband is the best way to get the most out of your Freshers’ Week experience!

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