My PAL Journey

 Vienna talks about her PAL has boosted her confidance in cross-cultural comminucations and applied linguistics in Mandarin!

My journey as a Mandarin language PAL leader began with my long-standing passion for languages, which was nurtured during my previous academic training in translation, cross-cultural communication, and applied linguistics. This role has provided me with a valuable opportunity to put my knowledge into practice, particularly in the areas of Chinese learning, willingness to communicate, classroom participation, and second language acquisition. These interactive sessions have granted me a unique perspective because they allow me to see language through the eyes of other second language learners. ?

Having served as a senior PAL leader for the past years, I have gained precious experience in managing a diverse team of language PAL leaders who come from various cultural, ethnic, and linguistic backgrounds. During the debrief sessions, I have also embraced a consultative mindset and offered advice and insights to my fellow PAL leaders on a wide range of intriguing questions. These inquiries span pedagogical, communicative, social, and cultural aspects, and among others. I am truly happy to have the opportunity to connect with like-minded students who share my passion for language, and together, we strive to co-create a fun, inclusive, and supportive learning environment for students at all levels. 


''My experience as a PAL Leader has helped nurture my previous academic training, cross-cultural communication, and applied linguistics''- Hiu Yi Lin, EdD Research in Education

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