Student Trainers deliver peer-led workshops for students to develop new skills that will help them improve on their course or develop their CV. Trainers deliver sessions on topics that matter to students and use their experience and research to develop engaging sessions for their attendees. Read some of their profile testimonials and find out what's it's really like to be a Student Trainer.

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Ewen Jones

Physics – Second Year

I’m Ewen and I’m currently in my 2nd year of studying physics at the University of Bath.

I applied to be a Student Trainer to improve my presenting skills as well as to have a positive impact on the community around me.  I aspire to be a physics lecturer one day, which is a job where presentation skills are absolutely necessary, therefore the student trainer role is excellent preparation for this. Peer training is a fantastic way of teaching students new skills as peer trainers are able to connect and relate to their fellow students.

My goal as a student trainer is to help students live more fulfilled and meaningful lives by teaching them important life skills such as time management. Having good time management is essential to living a fulfilled life as it allows you to free up time to do the activities that you truly love.

When I am not studying physics, I enjoy playing tennis, scuba diving, and reading Russian literature, my favourite author at the moment being Mikhail Bulgakov.

Joanna Bardadin

Business – 3rd Year

Hi All! My name is Joanna and I am a 3rd Year Business student.

Becoming a Student Trainer will enable me to share my passions with my peers and also create a welcoming community where everyone can grow. Last year, I was involved in various activities such as lead peer mentoring and running virtual volunteering sessions for V Team. I have also finished my first 6-months placement in London. Now, I will strive to use my skills and past experiences to deliver the best peer training possible. My goal is to make the sessions as creative and practical as they can get.

Going into university is quite often a stressful experience, so I would love to help other students build their confidence and boost their employability.

I am a huge fan of travelling and learning new languages.

Joe Carver

Chemical Engineering - 3rd Year

Hello! My name is Joe and I am a 3rd-year Chemical Engineer.

Applying to become a Student Trainer has been a great opportunity for me to become more involved within the student body. I am very excited to work alongside other Student Trainers from a range of academic backgrounds to provide interesting and relevant training sessions that will help support and teach students new skills, whilst also being able to develop my own. 

One of my aims as a Student Trainer is to deliver sessions that are creative and engaging. Previous experience studying a STEM subject has not quite allowed me to view many artistic outlets, but by delivering these skills in these sessions, I hope this gives an opportunity for students to learn new artistic skills and have time to be more creative.

I have experienced and enjoyed developing new skills over the past few years within employment and volunteer opportunities, including getting to know and work with a variety of people. I feel I can provide these skills and I hope to meet lots of new people.

In my spare time, outside of studying, I enjoy martial arts and playing chess.


Shuchi Naik

BSc (Hons) Psychology – Final Year

Hi! I’m Shuchi and I’m a final year psychology student. There are a number of studies validating peer learning as the most effective form of learning, since there is a sense of empathy and equality fostered through peer training which I hope to facilitate effectively and inclusively. Throughout my time at university, I’ve been actively involved with an eclectic range of activities and learned a lot of skills through these experiences.

I applied to be a Student Trainer with the intention of sharing the things I have learned to as many students as possible, and learning from them too. I hope to build upon my existing skills, acquire new skills, meet new people and support my peers to the best of my ability. Outside of university, you can probably find me reading, watching horror movies, discovering new music, or at the beach.

Victoria Hancock

Mathematical Sciences – Year 2

I’m Victoria, a second-year mathematical sciences student, who has been studying virtually since starting university last year.

I think peer training is great, as it means you can learn from someone just like you. I wanted to be a Student Trainer, as I have found student training sessions really useful and having benefitted from them myself, would like to help others learn new skills too. The skills you learn from student training sessions help you through university studies and beyond to your future career, and as someone who has spent their first year of university studying virtually, I feel I can bring a new perspective to the role, whilst improving my confidence and presentation skills.

As a member of V Team, and as someone who has participated in the Race for Life for the past 9 years, I thoroughly enjoy volunteering and helping others. I think being a Student Trainer is a way in which you can really help the student community.

I hope to use my mathematical sciences degree to pursue a career in the finance industry, but in my free time enjoy all things to do with astronomy, running and playing the piano.