Student Trainers deliver peer-led workshops for students to develop new skills that will help them improve on their course or develop their CV. Trainers deliver sessions on topics that matter to students and use their experience and research to develop engaging sessions for their attendees. 

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Kristin Jackson

Sport and Excerise Science (Year 2)

Hi! My name is Kristin Jackson, I am a second year Sport and Exercise Science undergraduate and am absolutely in love with the sport of long-distance running.

Sport has made me a very competitive person. As a result, I like to look for opportunities to challenge myself which was the main reason I decided to apply to be a Student Trainer. I was interested in the idea that by helping other students improve specific skills, I could enhance my own self-development. My first year at university was, in my opinion, harder than it needed to be. This was because I did not take the time to engage in many of the resources provided by the careers service or the skills centre for example. As a student trainer I hope to encourage students, particularly first years, to take more of the opportunities available that will challenge and improve the way they think critically, in turn enhancing both their academic and personal successes. I hope that by working to help others I can share in their achievements and expand the experiences I will take away from university after completing my studies.

Mathia Kirkegaard

BSc (Hons) Politics and International Relations (Final Year)

Hello! My name is Mathias and I am a final year Politics and International Relations student. I applied to become a Student Trainer because the sessions I attended in previous years showed me the positive impact they can have on other student volunteers and the general well-being of students.

I find that the unique peer training at the University of Bath provides the foundation for a more open and honest discussion on issues close to many students and this year I will use it to support you in achieving your goals.

When I am not studying or being a Student Trainer, I spend most of my time dancing, cooking or running. I'm always up for a chat, so if you see me in my green hoodie on campus, please feel free to say hi! And of course, let me/us know if there are any issues where you think a Student Trainer session could be useful.

Maria Vlachynska

BSc Mangement with Marketing (Final Year )

I am Maria and I’m in my final year of Management & Marketing studies. I wanted to become a student trainer as I wanted to find a way to get more involved with the student body and the SU. In second year, I volunteered for RAG to help organise the Zombie Apocalypse which helped raise money for local charities. Volunteering in this way was very rewarding but I wanted to find a way to push myself and learn new skills, while helping others learn some new ones too. Being a student trainer was the perfect opportunity to do that, plus it doesn’t look too bad on a CV in the graduate job hunt. I hope that our peers will benefit from our sessions and I look forward to seeing them there!


Teresa Chan

M Pharmacy (Year 2)

Hi, my name is Teresa and I am in my 2nd year of pharmacy.

I consider myself as an approachable person who tries to see the best of a situation. My interest consists of piano, reading, travelling and learning more about the world around us.

I applied to become a Student Trainer as I want to help others and improve my own skills. Within the workshops I aim to boost all members to become their best selves. As a Student Trainer I want to create an atmosphere where everyone can become comfortable and confident.

I know that I have much to learn and I believe there is no greater privilege than to learn from others and their experiences. As a student from a teamwork orientated course I am excited to develop my communication and presentation skills alongside everyone. Whilst volunteering within the university I have met people with different goal which creates diversity and sparked a goal of mine which is to share my experiences with others whilst developing key skills for the present and future.

Kush Patel

Meng Mechanical Engineering with Placement (Final Year )

I am a final year Mechanical Engineering student from Zimbabwe. Coming to the UK brought many opportunities, one of which was the chance to become a Student Trainer. I am really excited to learn both with and from other students whilst presenting on a wide range of topics. It is a fantastic chance to bring inclusive peer led learning on non-academic related subjects to the student body.


I believe that the academic aspect of university is only half the experience. There is so much to be gained from peers about a range of topics that ultimately help you grow as a person and I hope to emphasise this throughout the Student Union.


From a personal perspective, studying engineering, and being primarily interested in research and development of products, I hope to use the skills gained, presenting to clearly communicate complex concepts in interesting and engaging ways.

Hannah Brennan

MSc Natural Sciences (Year 3)

A student’s time at university should be about so much more than a never-ending cycle of deadlines, revision and exams. I think that participation in student trainer workshops is a great way to develop skills and qualities which make you a more confident, open-minded and happy person.

I hope that the sessions I deliver as a student trainer will help students to develop their understanding of important issues including accessibility and inclusivity. Complex issues such as these can be too easy to overlook, but I think that informal and collaborative nature of student trainer sessions is the perfect place to discuss them.