Student Trainers deliver peer-led workshops for students to develop new skills that will help them improve on their course or develop their CV. Trainers deliver sessions on topics that matter to students and use their experience and research to develop engaging sessions for their attendees. 

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Akif Jabir 

Mechanical Engineering (Year 3)

I’m Akif, a 3rd year Mechanical Engineer. I have just come out of my year on placement and I am excited to back into the swing of things at Uni.

I applied to be student trainer to build on the skills I have gained over the years, explore new experiences, build networks and meet new people. I found the sessions run by the student trainer’s fun and interactive. It also supports students in gaining skills to apply for the Bath Award. I like to think I am a friendly and approachable person; I aim to make the sessions as fun and lively as possible.

When I am not slaving a way in the library doing my degree, I like playing a relaxed game of rounders, making music with my guitar or just enjoying with a warm cup of coffee.

Alison Yip

BSc (Hons) Architecture

I applied to be a student trainer to improve my personal skills by working with and learning from other student trainers, and to share my experiences with students in the community.

In particular, as an individual who desires to excel in academics, sport, and leadership, I hope to share and reiterate the importance of time management and holistic development. Though our performance in academics do play an important role in our lives and especially future employment, I believe that living a healthy lifestyle and other soft skills play just as important of a role. To put it simply, academics may not determine everything. It is important for us to spare some time in our 24 hours in a day to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle by exercising and spending time to develop our other interests. 

I would also like to raise cultural awareness and draw attention to current affairs across the globe. In this day and age where technology is advance and information is distributed so easily, it is important for us to stay open minded and equip ourselves with the skills to analysis different media sources and form our own judgement.

Jakub Sala

BSc (Hons) Politics with Economics (Year 2)

Hello everyone, my name is Jakub and I study Politics with Economics at the lovely University of Bath.

I have always wanted to live closely within the community I am in. Therefore, I applied to become a Student Trainer in order to exchange my ideas as well as help each other. I look forward to working with different students, teach them new skills, however, also develop myself while participating in the peer training classes. Primarily, during the activities, I aim to boost the students’ confidence in themselves and to show them that each action they perform has a valuable importance. Moreover, my goal is to create an enjoyable atmosphere where each participant will feel that the mutual cooperation can be successful.

During my volunteering experiences in the high school as well as in the university, I realised how crucial is the substantive discussion on skills and cooperative problem solving. We should constantly gain new abilities and learn how to implement them, yet, I believe it is the best to do it jointly. Even in the politics, the brainstorming might be powerful, and its future outcomes can be beneficial for the majority of us. Thus, my goal as a Student Trainer, to share new ideas, study them and use them for the benefit of all.


Mimi Tam

BSc (Hons) Architecture (Year 2)

Hi everyone, my name is Mimi and I am in my second year of architecture.

I applied to become a Student Trainer because I see this as an opportunity to get more involved within the university community. What attracts me about the peer training is the fact that I can help other students while developing my own skills. As a student trainer I hope to support other students in achieving their personal goals, at the same time learn and grow with everyone participating in the workshops.

As an architecture student, I believe that we are constantly inspired by the people around us. I look forward to meeting new people with different backgrounds and aspirations in the Skills Training programme, as there is much to gain through interacting and sharing my experiences with my peers.

Oyinkansola Ige

PhD Research Programme in Management

Oyinkansola is a doctoral researcher of the School of Management, University of Bath. Her research focuses on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and authenticity. She is passionate about young people - ensuring that they enjoy their learning process and are more intentional about their personal development. She is enthusiastic about journaling, emotional catharsis and mental clarity. She is always eager to understand the motivations behind people’s actions. She believes that the ‘child’ defines the man - in other words, what a person will be in the future is determined largely, by the action such a person takes while the person is young. Thus, she pours out her heart into young people when she has the chance, encouraging them to pursue what is worthwhile and what is of a positive legacy. When she is not reading and writing, she can be found listening to music, singing, crocheting or playing the keyboard.


Vishnupriya Venkatesan

BSc Management (Final year)

Hi! My name is Vishnupriya and I am in my final year of Management. As an international student coming from a very academic oriented background, to me, university is an opportunity to have lots of exciting new experiences through extra-curriculars and growing personally and skills-wise. I have always been inclined towards mentoring and after having a rewarding experience as a Lead Peer Mentor, I got interested in other opportunities to be involved in the student body which prompted me to apply to become a Student Trainer. Plus, it’s a great way to meet new people and also, build some great skills to put on my CV whilst helping other students do the same!

The great thing about peer led learning is that you get to learn from diverse perspectives and experiences of different students, not just as a trainee but also as a trainer. As a Student Trainer, I hope that the training sessions add to students’ university experience and help them come out of each session feeling more confident having expanded and developed their skill set.